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  1. Hi recently I faced a problem which is my gig is on last for a month now**. It was at the first page for 4 months** but suddenly I lost my rank from last month My recent status is good enough (last 60days) still my gigs are not shuffling through fiverr algo. I notice many gigs are rotating and shuffling but my gigs are at the last. Do anyone knows how long it will take to circle around to be in rank ? Recently my buyers are on vacations too. Thank you so much Note: I haven’t edited my gig.
  2. basically I searched myself and also to confirm more I asked my friend to search He also notice its on last page
  3. Incase I have done so many order on Nov and Dec (till 3rd) and my rating and review are stable and completely fine. I havnt edit gig for 2 months and I have no warning too. I am not sure about report but past month one thing got happened 1 order cancelled thats it.
  4. Hi Community people. I am very upset because my gig is on last for 30days no improvement yet. The thing that frustrated me is other gigs are shuffling but mine is on the last page with no changes. I want to know why does this happen and how long it be like that. That day my on-time delivery (94%) and Order completion (97%) got increased still no improvement please anyone can tell the reason and when it could be back on track? Thank you So much
  5. Thank you so much everyone I appreciate you for the time and Answer
  6. Hey, I have a question I have 2 (one I purchased recently) laptops and a phone. One laptop is powerful another is for normal browsing and traveling. I used to use Fiverr on my old one if I want to login into the new one using the same IP address then there will be any problem? Best regards
  7. Hi there I am very Confused about some about taking test. I am very curious to know that If I fail in fiverr test but in both in 3 month Does my profile or gig will be impacted ?. If someone could say something about this It will be great to know .
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