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  1. Oh Actually I miss read I’m so sorry But yes, I believe in long term relationship with client by good behavior and quality service. For this reason they hire us frequently.
  2. Yes I’m 100% agree with him. The important things is conversation. The way you build conversation and clear the doubts of buyer. Make them feel comfortable answer their all questions and respond faster. And respect their offer and then let them know about your efforts you gonna put to get results. And what price will justify your service. As a freelancer this is important.
  3. Every seller from India is paying 1% TDS. It does not matter you are eligible for Tax. Of course you not making more than 2 Lac per annum but still you have to pay. ☺️ If you have any concern then you can contact the support team no other solution
  4. If you are an Indian seller then It could be the TDS, But I’m not sure. I’m also from India and now Fiverr charge 1% as a TDS
  5. Of course you will get orders soon. FIverr algorithms is very smart they give chance each to every seller and they rank and test them as well. You can see your stats up and down. Rotation happens don’t worry.
  6. Hello Guys I’m from India. And as you all know my country is suffering from Covid19. And the lack of Oxygen cylinder making this disease more and more stronger. I want you guys to prays for my country people. We will be able to defeat this virus soon. Thanks you so much Fiverr for your help I’m managing all my monthly expenses through Fiverr Earning. I love this platform. Fiverr really overcome my problems. Thanks again!!
  7. You are not the only seller who receive this notification. I got this notification yesterday. it’s normal don’t worry about it. Fiverr provide a resource which you can use to make your thumbnail’s more eye-catchy. It’s your choice if you want to use it go ahead otherwise leave it.
  8. I think that Fiverr send this notification to those seller who are just getting impression but not getting clicks. They might be making group of those sellers and sending them notification. What’s your opinion sir…
  9. Thank you so much sir I really appreciate the way you solved my query.
  10. So what we actually need to do with this. I’m a Level two seller and doing very well. Is this about the gig thumbnails? Do I need to change thumbnails?
  11. Hello Fiverr Family! Hope you all are doing well I just got this notification. I really want to know what does it means. Also, tell me if anyone got this Notification. Thanks!
  12. Tip number 1: ignore “online 24/7 and post on social media” advices Tip number 2: concentrate on yourself, your work and learning, improving, adjusting your services for the demand and current trends. This is the only pro advice.
  13. You can improve more. Right now this is not that much attractive. Also you are not specific about your gig. It has very low chances to get order. Don’t mind but this is the truth. If you are not specific about your gig. Your gig will not gonna rank well. Thanks 🙂
  14. I agree with you. do not trust these kind of buyers
  15. You can show him your past work. This make sense he could ask you for sample work. But If he is saying that create one article of his choice then it does not make any sense. He probably could cheat you.
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