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  1. @wpfalcon I joined the platform as a seller in july 2020 and I started recieving art related projects and succesfully completed them with satisfied customers . My BEST SELLER gig was getting 1.500 + impressions every day and I was completeing 1or 2 5 star orders / day ( I was on the first page ) . Then all of a sudden everything stopped ! I searched my gig word by word and was NOWERE to be found on the marketplace not even on the last page ! When I went into my ACCOUNT SETTINGS my account was set to OFFLINE for no reason ( i did not do that maybe it is a BUG ? ) Screenshot 2020-09-19 at 12.17.18925×185 9.29 KB . So I decided to put it back ONLINE ( HUGE THANKS TO @janali for telling me about this ) . After i put my account back online my gig indeed appeard back again in the search results but on the last page. This was happening at the end of july !Ever since I constantly tried to hunt for work via buyer requests in order to help ranking my gig again , and I completed another 2-3 5 star orders ( in 2 months …) Now we are at the end of September and my gig is unmoved from the last page and the same position ever since the OFFLINE ACCOUNT BUG HAPPENED ! As I said I took also cheap projects that I normally wont take to help ranking I did social media promotion for my gig I optimized my gig I have live portfolio on my gig with 20+ completed projects etc . BUT NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK SINCE THE BUG ! Its been 2 MONTHS and from 1500-2000 impressions / day and a lot of clicks now the same gig make an average of 20 impressions and maybe 1 click in a lucky day !! Because its still on the last page and NOBODY will find it anymore ! Basically my account is DEAD ever since ! I contacted CUSTOMER SUPPORT multiple times and recieved some ( copy paste bot I think ) tipical respones saying that they dont guarantee impressions or clicks and that its my job to make my gigs apealling ! So basically FIVERR REFUSE TO AKNOLEDGE THAT THERE IS A HUGE ALGORITHM PROBLEM since they were playing with those little updates and new features and affected a lot of hard working sellers ! So basically BAD UPDATES & BUGS + COVID FINANCIAL CRYSIS = STARVING FREELANCERS The lucky ones are you Level 2 and Top Rated Sellers who at least have the option to use the PROMOTED GIGS feature and invest money in your business and get some work… I do not have this feature yet and I will most likely not be able to get there and achive that because of the current situation even tho I am definitely interested In investing in fiverr because I wish to go FULL TIME FREELANCER ! My performance is JULY -600$ ( not even one from buyer requests ) AUGUST - 20$ (buyer request) SEPTEMBER - 4$ (buyer request) :rofl: ( ABSOLUTELLY NORMAL FROM FIVERR POINT OF VIEW ) Anyways hope dies last and maybe things will get better for all of us 🙂
  2. Exactly the same to mee from 2.000 + impressions and 100 + clicks everyday dropped to 20 impression and maybe 1 click in a lucky day ! I tried to talk about this issue with customer support but they seem to deny that is any problem and constantly stating the same thing that the results in search alrgorithm are in a constant rotation ! But the problem is THERE IS NO ROTATION on my account . 2 months ago Gig dropped from First Page to LAST PAGE for NO REASON and ever since its untouched ! I literally tried anything I took projects that I normally would not take from buyer requests I did marketing on facebook I paid adds to gain traffic etc and my GIG still on the LAST PAGE … Also my response rate delivery on time order completion everything is 100% so i just cant understand why this is happening
  3. This BUG destroyed my fiverr account ! I was getting 1-2 orders / day and making 600-800$ / month and ever since this happend to me I made 4$ in an entire month ! and that because of the buyer request …
  4. No, it’s not for new sellers. Many are not. It’s just a myth that level 2 sellers get orders all the time. Thank you for the support
  5. :(( I tought the purpose of this feature is to help new sellers also who are willing to invest in their business because sellers like me with 20-30 reviews in total dont get a constant workflow on the platform like a Level 2 seller who is arleady getting constant work in most of the cases . It would have been nice … but I guess I got excited too soon 😦 Thank you for your response I really apreciate it
  6. Hello guys , Ive seen that fiverr Introduced a brand new feature Promoted Gigs where you can pay / click and help you rank your gigs better . I would like to know if there is any experienced seller on the platform that can help me out 🙂 My question is where do I find this feature ? Or what are the criteria to be eligible to use the new feature ? I have 20 5 star reviews on my BEST SELLER gig and I would like to scale my business using the new feature . I am an artist so this will help me a lot cause this month ive been struggling to get any order and my statistics are going down everyday for no reason . What should I do ? Should I contact Support Team and ask for the Paid Promoted Gigs Feature or how does this work ?
  7. check on your account settings and make sure the status its online this happend to me a while ago and the account was set to offline for no reason . I think it is a bug Screenshot 2020-09-19 at 12.17.18925×185 9.29 KB
  8. Quick UPDATE After putting my profile back online indeed the gigs appaear in the search results but on the 9999 page Nobody will find them anymore so there is no way to rank them unless I get lucky with some buyer request 1 MONTH no orders ACCOUNT IS DEAD !
  9. After 2 days of work and 10 revisions and only 4 hours of sleep if they cancel this order for no reason I will literally have a mental breakdown
  10. The sad thing is that Customer Support will probably respond in like 2-3 days :(((
  11. The current order status is DELIVERED after I REJECTED his dispute he went offline
  12. I opened a ticket to the customer support explaining exactly what I expalined here + added screenshots and all So I assume that before making a decision they will have to check both of us + the order itself from the beggining to an end + the chats etc .
  13. Ive read myself some stories on the forum that buyers can do whatever they want but I refuse to belive that customer support will not treat fair this situation . I mean in the end without us the sellers and our skills and talent they wouldnt make any money We sould get more priority not the buyers ! But I am at least expecting to be equal
  14. I answered that for you in my original answer… thank you for your help
  15. normaly my gig is set to 0 revisions and the revisions are an aditional 10$ in my gig but since this order was a big custom order I did 10 revisions for free
  16. @cubittaudio @catwriter And after 10 revisions and after waiting for his client feedback if the buyer simply saying : He doesnt likes it Is the order eligible for CANCELETION ? I mean ive worked 2 days for nothing ? As long as the Quality of the delivery is on point and all of his requirements were respected ! Is this a valid reason for opening a dispute and cancel the order ? ALSO THIS SPECIFIC BUYER I checked his profile and he has been here since 2018 with a 1 hrs respons time wich means he is constantly active for 2 years on fiverr but he has NO BUYER REVIEWS wich makes me think he was constantly making people work for nothing and canceling their orders !
  17. Special thanks to the kind and experienced people from the forum that helped me in my journey on fiverr so far @janali @vickiespencer @humanissocial @genuineguidance @mariashtelle1 @jonbaas and more !
  18. Hello fiverr so yesterday I recieved an order from a buyer and he told me to draw cutie characters after some photo references . He requested around 10 REVISIONS and after hours and hours of work he was SATISFIED with the FINAL DELIVERY but he sent me a message : Buyer :I will send them to my client to review, get back to you ASAP. This means he involved a third party client in our business on fiverr and he asked me to wait for his client decision so he is kind of a middle man ( HE DID THIS AFTER 10 REVISIONS ! ) I politely explained to him that I am in NO BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP with any third parts and that our order is a deal strictly between me and him and I politely asked him to accept the final delivery ! Also I told him its not my concern what he does with my work after the order is concluded . When e saw this message he instantly opened a DISPUTE saying : Quality is not acceptable ! I DECLINED IT and contacted custommer support becasue I feel here are 2 VIOLATIONS of TOS FIRST VIOLATION : From Fiverr’s Terms of Service: “Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.” So long story short even if the quality was not on point after spending 2 days working hard for him the order is not eligible for a canceletion . But the thing is that its NOT THE CASE ! The quality of my work and the things that he requeted its IDENTICAL I mean he asked for cartoony style characters. And ive completed 20 + way more complicated orders here doing literally ARTWORKS ! SECOND VIOLATION : Involving some random so called client that ive never meet or talked to about the project ! I think this is also a violation of the TOS Can anyone help me with this what do you think ? I never faced such an issue Thank you for your time
  19. It was going really well. We were just $100 away from buying you a sweet London penthouse. Unfortunately, though, @maitasun and I tried to make that hundred dollars through trading. We weren’t very good, and now the fund is at 0. Sorry. 🙈 Hey Darius. Did anything bad happen before your gig went down in the rankings? Cancellations, late deliveries, a warning – that kind of thing? nope only that my profile was automatically set to offline for some reason
  20. @mariashtelle1 @genuineguidance @jonbaas I want to thank everybody for the kind words and advices I really apreciate all of you <3
  21. Trust me Romania and Siberia are very similar , The toilet outside of the house ? Ive been there 😄 But the purpose of our lives I guess its evolving spiritualy financialy etc . I promised myself that even tho I was not born in a good financial situation Is all about me and about what I am doing that will change my life and hopefully my family life too . But I guess i dont know even tho I am only 21 working from 16 I got tired … I mean this life it has to be more than a stupid job right ?
  22. Pfff just a couple of days? Then you are lucky 😉 most gigs stuck on the last pages (not even 10th) for a few months. Including mine and other sellers. You can read all that on this forum. But if you want an advise: do not put all your eggs in one basket and build your business in a way where you can sustain it without relying on fiverr algorithm which is unpredictable. Well I dont put all my eggs in one basket , You see I am drawing Ive been doing this my entire life but untill i discovered fiverr I did not had the chance to make some money out of this . Right now I am 21 yrs old and I got my first real JOB when I was 16 because life sucks and we need to put food in our belly 🙂 Ever since I was 16 I was constantly working some boring job 8-12 hours /day for the minimum salary in my country ( by the way I leave in a poor country where the entire sistem is broken Ive graduated school and ive been struggling to work after school for nothing because in the end I am making the same ammount of money and ex - prisoner will make ) So Im working in the present and I barely live from a day to another and when I joined fiverr and I saw that in less then a month I made the same salary that I have to work for 12 hrs / day wich in my country the salary is (400 $ ) and we are supposed to live 1 month with this money here even tho the prices the rent and the bills are like in the rest of the europe I dont know I started dreaming about maybe in 5-6 months I will be quiting my job forever and go full time with what I love to do and hopefully survive And now all of my hopes and dreams were crushed by the allgorithm ! :(((
  23. How can top rated sellers and level 2 sellers With 1000+ reviews being put on last page when gigs as yours with only 20 reviews being on a first page? You see the logic? For old sellers it’s also unfair that fiverr gave you a chance for some time and put your new gig higher that other sellers with thousands Reviews. But it’s fiverr’s choice and it’s called “gig rotation”. I understand and I am awear of the rotation but The thing is its been allmost 20 days and the gig is going down and down its been stuck there in the 10th page and just changing positions down untill it will go to 11 page
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