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  1. my gigs went from 1st page to 5th after I canceled an order because the buyer wanted me to do an academic assignment. I see how fiverr is now, the sellers are little monkeys and when a buyer places an order we are supposed to ask high high we should jump for the sweat shop pay. The only thing I regret is not shorting FVRR stock at 180 a share :roll_eyes: I was pretty bored during lockdown and signed up here to pass time…but with how sellers are treated…it feels more like passing gas :crazy_face:
  2. Remember they are very busy since the pandemic started. I hear they have been taking up to 10 days to reply. Students will still book a gig without first contacting you. :roll_eyes: LOL…you’re probably right about that!
  3. Thank you, I am going to contact CS. Also I revised my gig description to try to prevent this in the future!
  4. Hi, what will happen to my order completion rate if an order is canceled? My gig is writing poems and someone placed this order that is more of a homework assignment: It has to be about time management needs to have the following: -figurative language -ethos, pathos, and logos -symbolism -diction -solutions to it I put in a dispute to cancel the order and assuming they agree does my order completion rating drop?
  5. :rofl: Buyer requests have proved to be helpful to me but, most of the buyers’ request demands are out of this world given their budget. They want pros to be working on their project when their budget is $5. How on earth can someone come up with such a request? And some of the requests are even straight forward rude. Someone has to be high on weeds to send them an offer. Either they are not aware of the amount of work the seller needs to put in or they aren’t serious about their own project. Honestly even if I was high on weeds I still wouldnt :rofl:
  6. I don’t know if it’s always been like this or I am just noticing but it’s amazing to me how little the budgets are for the range of work/task. I have to chuckle at some that want xyz for 5-10 bucks and then say must be a professional. Or another wanting their retail store named , it will compete with a big box retail store , and have 5 bucks to spend. That must be a heck of a store!! FIVERR services are getting so diluted and it’s probably more because of the saturation of gigs that price themselves so cheap. So when someone scopes out the gigs, thats where they base their buyer request budgets from. I guess the business model is working for FIVERR , power in numbers…get half the population of the entire world signed up,maybe could even start gigs at a buck and the seller can pocket eighty cents!!
  7. Hi, its randomly chosen by fiverr editors, all we can do is our best and hope to get noticed.
  8. The extra $600 unemployment payments ended here in the u.s. as well people may have burned through their 1200 stimulus checks (those who qualified).
  9. I see what you meant now. That may be helpful. But since it is a blind review, I usually do not leave anything less than a 3 ⭐s as I would by reading the actual feedback. That is a whole other revision to the system and you make a valid point. The seller should be able to read the review without having to rate the buyer first.
  10. When he purchases the gig , if he was rated , you could click on his name and see his rating then if you did not want to provide the sevice you would have the option to decline. If this system was put into effect of course.
  11. Yes I do and you have to scroll down and view each individual rating as opposed to a rating next to their username such as the case with a seller. It will be more evident to the buyer to see this rating attached to their username.
  12. The more I read experiences like yours the more evident it is that Fiverr needs to have a rating next to the buyer’s ID, just as they do the seller. The buyer has to be accountable as much as the seller. So if there is a buyer that has been conditioned to abuse the system / sellers in the past, and they get 1 star , when they go to a seller next time, the seller can click on their username and see their rating then choose if they want to work with the buyer. Their should be an option to decline the order where it doesnt go marked as a cancellation based on if the buyer has a negative rating. Accountability!!
  13. Of course of course. I see someone described in a gig you rock! I hope that was in a good way and not meant to shake something violently :crazy_face:
  14. People from some country take this as punching someone on face…so using Knock word as someone is hitting on door is not good idea ! I have seen controversial post regarding this particular word ! Just curious from what country someone would read her usage of the word knock in context and take it as being punched in the face :thinking:
  15. Finding @dareios_art’s gig is simple. Merely copy her username then go to your profile page and erase your name and replace it with her name and you will be on her profile page. found her and thank you for the tidbit!
  16. The reality is there is an influx of new sellers joining Fiverr every day. The competition is fierce.The seasoned sellers that are level 2 plus, with a good track record, are going to get most of the order flow because they are deemed to be less adverse to risk in the buyers mind, especially a new buyer. It’s going to be 100 times harder if you are in a crowded niche space competing with the higher ranked sellers. You could consider developing a gig that there isnt as much competition, or have something very unique and appealing that stands out if you are in a crowded space. If you have a skill that can bump you to a pro verified level, that is a huge asset and can fetch you much higher pricing. Be ready to grind it out to make it here :crazy_face:
  17. Do you have a link to your gig? I would like to make a purchase.
  18. “I’d like to know the figures per order - more like a supermarket “per basket” figure …” Yes, that would be an interesting figure to know!
  19. That is a good question, this is what is stated in the earnings report- We define GMV or Gross Merchandise Value as the total value of transactions ordered through our platform, excluding value added tax, goods and services tax, service chargebacks and refunds. We define active buyers on any given date as buyers who have ordered a Gig or other services on our platform within the last 12-month period, irrespective of cancellations. Spend per buyer on any given date is calculated by dividing our GMV within the last 12-month period by the number of active buyers as of such date. Take rate is revenue for any such period divided by GMV for the same period.
  20. First congrats to Fiverr for their blowout second quarter results. What I found very interesting from a selling standpoint- Spend per buyer as of June 30, 2020, reached $184, compared to $157 as of June 30, 2019 So if you are considering where to price your gig, this is the average spend, and maybe, just maybe, when you price a gig at 5 bucks, the market will support a higher price! https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fiverr-announces-second-quarter-2020-050000986.html
  21. It will if you ask Customer Support to send it back to your payment provider. It can only be done a limited number of times, though. They refunded it immediately back to my paypal account, which seemed fair since the seller cancelled the order, not me. So hopefully in the future this doesnt happen again,thanks.
  22. Yes they are. It was a recording project and they indicated they did not think they would be able to record the vocal in the pitch I wrote it in, which seemed odd because I didnt lock them into a pitch. But I did just figure out where I can request the refund and not have to keep it in my account to hire another option.
  23. A seller created an offer for me which I paid for then today I got this message Your payment has now been refunded into your Fiverr Balance. In order to get your work done, we’ve handpicked some great alternatives for you. Has this ever happened to anyone? What if I do not want to purchase a gig from an alternative. This was a project with a specific candidate in mind. Now I have 178.50 in my fiverr account, do I have to use the money to purchase other gigs, or can it be a credit back to my paypal?
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