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  1. Hello everybody, I know all you people are in favor of fiverr. I was too, but I wish to warn everybody about the danger of working with Fiverr itself and I also wish if you could give me maybe a bit more information on what I could do. I am not going to turn you against Fiverr, I get it as you earn money from it as I did but I wish to tell you my experence and please hear it out. I am in a bit of situation and I am very disgusted by Fiverr staff. Now, I know that most people don’t know me and may assume that I did something wrong but I tell you - I DID not. I followed all the fiverr rules, I was a seller for 1 year and was on my way to a Top-Rated Seller. I was a Level 2 with over 400+ 5-star reviews and only 1-star review. Please hear my story out before. Anyway, I sell my own ORIGINAL content and I have all the permission I need to sell these type of content. Those that are not created by me, I have permission and PROOF that I can use them for commercial usage. I am confident, and ready to take this a step further as I am 100% clean in this and I am sure I did nothing wrong. I started selling on Fiverr 1 year ago and I quickly become a good seller and got to Level 2. I only had 1-star review which was from a guy trying to scam me and all others are 5-star reviews. I never bought reviews, I always provided quality work + overdeliver and never had any complains. I had about 5 canecllations only and I always did my best for my clients. Anyway, things started to get bad from 1 month ago. I logged into my account and I see that I have a warning. I contacted support and they said it was because of copyright content. I explained to them what I do, that I have proof and everything and all was well. They apologized and removed my warning. After my account recovered from the warning, I had almost 0 sales, only a few and very few people messaging me compared with the 20 messages and 15 orders I was getting. It was strange, right before the warning I used to have loads of people messaging me and after the warning things got slow. I did not mind, I still made my 100% and this was a good income for me and I always did things by the book and it was a nice income to support my family, since corona did a bad job at that. Until, they banned my account. Yes, I logged in last week and see that my account was banned. Again, I messaged them - and I had to create a new account because I could not login. I was banned for copyright content now. I wrote a big paragraph long explaining the situation and also provided them proof on that I have permission to use these for commercial use and for my clients. I told the situation and explained. One guy from fiverr support got back to me after 4 days and just told me to confirm my username and details from my other account. I did that and you know what was his replay? “Your account was banned for copyright content that you don’t have permission for” etc. Are you kidding me? I just wrote you a 1000 thousand word assay explaining to you that I have all the required permission, ready to take any action necessary and ready to provide proof for whatever they need. I have emails, documents, licenses, purchase history - everything. I have ALL the required permissions to do so and the only thing he could replay with is what my account got banned for? I know why I got banned for and I am explaining that Fiverr’s Trust & Safety team did a mistake, again. I replied back telling him I am ready to provide proof and if he did read my first message, he could also see the attachment I sent him where there is PROOF and the licenses but from the looks of it, he did not even read my first message … he just copy/paste the “why were you banned” same paragraph and that’s basically it. You want to know what happned next? They banned my account again. The one I used for support they banned it for having a multiple account now. Is this for real? This is the ‘honest and good’ company? Uses you and then ban you without a reason even though you are ready to give them proof? Yet they don’t want to see it? During these though times of COVID, they are banning a person for no reason at all and refuse to see that I have proof. They already made a mistake, what is they made a mistake again? Of course, they don’t care because they have 1000 more sellers like me. At this point, I don’t really care about the money I have stuck inside the account as I only care to get MY POINT OUT. I did nothing wrong, and I don’t want this company to blame me for copyright and stolen work which clearly is not. This is False Accusation. I am also in process thinking of speaking with news site to report about this and release all my proof there. How can I approach this? What do you think? Should I just contact my Lawyer and move on what he tells me?
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