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  1. Be concise in your communication. Get to the point quickly. Act respectful but dont be over-thankful or devote. You want to be taken serious so you need to talk like that. Be correct in your use of language. Grammar and spelling mistakes make communcation unnecessary hard. Be upfront about what you offer and what you dont offer right from the start. With time and experience you will know what buyers need to know with your gig. When delivering, always write a small paragraph summarizing your work. Encourage your buyers to get back to you if they are unhappy in any way. That does not mean giving unlimited revisions. But being open about changing gives the buyer the feeling that he is in good hands. I also found that buyers are less likely to leave a bad review. They will contact you 99% of the time and give you the change to make it right. Be efficient and try to get all the relevant info from the start and dont constantly get back to them for every detaill. (Though, that might be required for some gigs).
  2. Why would it be luck that a buyer messages a seller via inbox? Buyers dont choose seller based on a coin flip. It has nothing to with luck. He probably has good reviews or a good gig description or something else that made him stick out.
  3. Im not here long enough to know exactly, but my guess is: During christmas time people usually have holidays and dont want to book a gig which falls into that time. I also noticed a decrease in orders (not in impressions though). Additionally, rankings change all the time due to a variety of factors which we can only guess. More and more people get the gig advertisement feature too which also influences the clicks and impressions. Bottom line: You cannot directly influence your ranking. Focus on things you can change. Try to convert the existing impressions into clicks by making a compelling headline, gig image and gig video. Then convert clicks into buyers by writing a gig description that sells. Gig Description is not only for SEO, but it really is your sales pitch. It is your chance to convince a buyer that he does need your and only your service.
  4. Because you are in highly competitive niche. There are only a few places on the first page but thousands of sellers. Also your gig title is not clear you did not optimize your seo title your gig description if full of grammar mistakes to the point it is hard understand you are way to cheap for what you claim to offer so any potential buyer will get suspicious You are offering influencer marketing and say you reach 1 Million people. You pay a lot of money to get that kind of reach from real influencers. Even if you calculate with a CPC of 10$, 1 Million Views would equal 10k$.
  5. Sharing on social media isnt a magic trick. Are your friends and people you are connected with on facebook potential customers? If not, there is no point in sharing on social media. Sharing in FB Groups is equally pointless. Most groups will ban your for spam and those who dont - well they are populated by other people looking to promote their service. All in all it is just a waste of time, except you have a good network in your niche. But then: why go on fiverr and dont sell to them directly? Focus on improving your skills and your gig description instead. Make a gig video and find ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Fiverr has enough traffic in itself. You probably will get at least a few clicks on your gig. Ask yourself: Why dont these people buy my gig? What could have I done better?
  6. Welcome and good luck! Just checked your gig and i could actually use your service since im moving in a month, so congratz to your first order!
  7. I did not say people who dont want to leave reviews dont exist. I referred to what OP actually said. I see a lot of ways how people do not know how to leave a review. Not everyone is internet savvy. There are courses where you learn how to save a document. Why would it be impossible. Regarding the contacting-thing… I do not want to start the same discussion. I encourage anyone to check Fiverr’s own FAQ regarding review-policy or talk to CS. As stated by you, you are right anyway, since you have been so long on the forum. So you won the argument ( 🍪), Have a nice day!
  8. You are in the most competitive area on fiverr: Data Entry. You have next to no possibility to differentiate from your competitors: Price: already as low as it gets Quality: Well it is data entry, so you either do it right or wrong Focus on learning a valuable skill which you can use to make money. You also have a gig for book cover designing. Get better at this, cut the other gigs out and focus solely on this gig.
  9. @OP Not by spamming your gig in the forum. First thing: You stole your portfolio images from the internet. I took me 1 sec to find it. Make your own portfolio. If you cant, working as a grafic designer is not the right job for you.
  10. OP cleary states that the buyer does not know how to do a review, which isnt that uncommon. So i dont see why yall warning op about harrassing the buyer. It could only be harrassement if the buyer already said “Leave me alone i don’t want to leave a review”. But why no help the buyer if she is asking how to do it? I would tell her that she should contact CS. They will be happy to help the buyer, and you will be safe regarding any breach of tos.
  11. As is said i imagine you are in very low demand sector. People dont think of Fiverr if they want to learn a Language most of the time. Dont worry too much about your stats, focus on getting the first order. You ranking will improve automatically if you get your first reviews. Impressions is not a metric you should focus on anyway. Imagine you only get 5 Impressions per Day but your conversion rate is 80%. You would get 4 Orders per day. So, focus on converting the people which actually see your gig to customers instead on getting more exposure.
  12. Hi you are offering things like I be you online friend for a month. There is probably very little demand for such a service. Why dont you concentrate in arabic lessons and offer video lessons for your clients?
  13. There is not a rotation system which equally rotates positions in search between sellers. There is an algorithm which values relevance to buyers, If you lost impressions you are deemed not relevant to your buyers. This could have several reasons such as ratings, private ratings, completionsrates, title, description, image, video and most certainly a variety of factors we dont know anything about. In addition fiverrs search algorithm is evolving itself you.
  14. No that was targeted to Frank but it wasnt fair. so i deleted it. Sorry for the misunderstanding and inappropriate words.
  15. (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)
  16. Talking about this @kilianotte. My previous reply goes for @corsogr as well That is a quote from Fiverr…
  17. I did not ask anything. I also dont want the Fiverr Reps anything. I dont have any problems with reviews and dont know what you are talking about. Just gave my perspective on things based on fiverrs faqs. thats all. deleted it because I dont want to confuse and dont want to argue.
  18. One addition: After a certain timeframe, the clock resets and you are still required to answer timely, even if you have already talked to client before.
  19. Im not that optimistic about getting a response from a fiverr rep on that. If it would be that easy, we would have it by now 🙂
  20. If your account gets disabled, you get an email telling you why. But i can still see your gigs. Normally the dont show if you are permabanned.
  21. I don’t want to confuse new sellers, so i deleted my posts. Your way is the safer way for sure so it is probably the best for new sellers.
  22. You can also give them a gentle reminder to give you a rating after the order is delivered and that a review would be greatly appreciated. Keep it light-hearted so that the new buyer understands you’re just giving them some tips, not laying down a lot of rules. Fiverr.com Fiverr Help and Education CenterOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done. It is on the fiverr page. You are allowed to ask.
  23. You need to have skills to be competitve on Fiverr. All the low-skill gigs such as background removal are way overcrowded. Focus on getting skills and become an expert in that field. Dont pick your job by competition. But to answer your question: The least competitve gigs are those with low demand how a high level or required skill such as custom animations, coding etc.
  24. I don’t know how many more times it will take for you to understand, but here is another try: you can get a warning for talking about it even ONCE, so NO, it’s not “acceptable once”. Having said that, all those people who got the warning, did they get it automatically or was it because the buyer complained to Fiverr? Because the other day I bought something and the seller begged me for a review 3 or 4 times and she has thousands of reviews so it’s not hurting her. I obviously left her a review but also told her to be careful and not do that again. She thanked me but I doubt she really listened… This is simply not true. Fiverr engouraces seller to be proactive about reviews. What you are not allowed to do is asking for a positive review. Check carrieblogger for reference. Check ToS for reference. You also find it on the Fiverr Blog itself. Of course you are allowed to ask something like: Hey, hope you are happy with your order. I would appreciate any feedback from your site It is not a problem at all. But of course if you ask: "Pls give me 5 stars i need orders! this will get flagged.
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