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  1. that’s great and use attractive gig image
  2. same here. i hope we have to wait and sending buyer request. then we will get order and again it will be rank
  3. Thanks for your valuable advice it’s really helpful idea for me
  4. welcome in this forum. wish you best of luck and i hope you learn a lot of from this platform.
  5. hey, welcome bro wish you best of luck and stay with us. hope you will start a good asap
  6. i am really happy for that your shared your experience with me. Thanks
  7. wait and active in your id. when your buyer sent you a message try to reply to your buyer asap within 1 hours
  8. it’s a bad experience you got. don’t tension for it. everyone not bad… some people have no experience and he/she showing to a buyer he have a huge experience…please avoid this person and search someone who will be complete your work properly.
  9. Can i know that. How can i get more impresison, click and views advance thanks for your help
  10. you have to sent buyer request every single day. Most important is that you have to be a patience person in this marketplace. Thanks abir
  11. it’s a good marketplace boss.you will be a success when you will be a patience person.
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