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  1. Welcome to fiverr Ariful.Best of luck of your freelancing life.
  2. my price list problem also solved automatically.
  3. Yes, it is: What should I do now ?Can you help me?Please?
  4. Hello everyone yesterday I created a gig within shortly time.I wrote everything just perfect.And choose the category and price list also perfect .But the problem of my gig sub category is not showing which name is full website creation and the price list is not showing full fill.What should I do now? my gig link https://www.fiverr.com/share/L3wVKo
  5. Yeah you will gather amazing friends and gather experience here.Best of luck.
  6. Yeah I knew it there are a some issue on fiverr. And it’s causes by covid-19.
  7. I think that’s fiverr algorithm problem.Don’t worry for this.Many senior seller have this type of problem so much.Some of senior seller told that It will fix itself after several days.
  8. welcome to fiverr forum brother.Best of luck for your new fiverr carrier.
  9. I’m joining July 2020 active regularly but still didn’t get any job 😔
  10. Love you from Bangladesh brother.I hope you gather a various experience on fiverr market.Hope for the best.Buddy.Best of luck for your fiverr carrier.
  11. Just focus on your services & keep focus on clients whats they want & whats they need.Just try to active regularly. Best of luck my brother.
  12. Welcome to fiverr forum brother.Just active regularly I hope you will get knock soon from buyer.
  13. Just active regulary brother.You get knock so soon.
  14. Welcome to fiverr forum. I think you learn from here something new.Keep it up & best of luck. 🙂
  15. Try to regularly online & marketing your gig on other social platform.Try to use trendy hashtag.I think something will change.Best of luck.
  16. Hey Neha you should be improved your gig something. 1.Attached a video on your gig 2.Attached a pdf file And always try to online regularly & marketing on your gig other social platform.Best of luck.
  17. Never give up brother.Always try to online in 24/7 hours.Daily marketing your gig regularly on other social platform.And try to attached #tag or trendy #tag. Don’t be upset. Just try to focus your goal.Best of luck.
  18. “Then, I told him to watch a youtube video that will help.” You tell him this line and he/she get angry. Don’t say anything like this okay. Always try to solved his/her problem.Okay.Best of luck.
  19. Welcome to fiverr forum brother.Just active regulary & keep marketing on your gig other social platform.You will knock from buyer so soon.
  20. Welcome to fiverr forum.If you marketing your gig & active regulary. You will get order or knock soon.
  21. I think when the gig impression,click and order come.Then you never should be edit your gig.Some of time your gig just vanish on the search page.If you edit your gig. Okay
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