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  1. You can cancel the order mutually. If you can request them from Resolution center it will also decrease your completion rate but not so far. Sorry to say, It’s just a bad luck for you. But stay polite. Better luck next order.
  2. Welcome to fiverr community ❤️ Happy Fiverr Journey, wishing you the best time spending here.
  3. I’m also here. New as a wordpress developer. Waiting for first order. 🙂
  4. That is because Fiverr is protecting you from Scammers and Spammers. Be thankful and stop trying to figure out how to get the messages. Thanks a lot sir… ❤️
  5. Recently i have facing a problem, When a new buyer knock me, i can’t get it at messages. It is going in Spam. I like to hear from Experts. 😊 Thanks in advance.
  6. Thabks all… Very helpful people all of you…
  7. I’m a Wordpress developer, and I’m very excited to start a new career with Fiverr. I love to hear from experienced person here, who is working hard and a successful man. A successful designer. Share me some tricks to be professional freelancer. Thanks in advanced.
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