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  1. New sellers,level-1,level-2 all sellers can sent 10 buyer request .
  2. Try to give services to the buyer…If any buyer wants revision after completed the order I try to give him services so that he/she will come back next time for order
  3. Try to Stay online most of the time… And sent effect buyer request so that buyer impresse to see it…
  4. Good post…For a good seller need to maintain all things
  5. Try to contact with buyer…if he will not come to talk with you…then go to Fiverr support and tell them to be cancel the order if you submit incomplete task fiverr canbe BAN you…so here earn is not very important fiverr rules maintain is very important… If you staly long time in fiverr you can earn more…I have face this problem and solve this way…Try to be honest in marketplace… For this One buyer will come more and more times…
  6. Same case happend with me 3 times…Try to convener buyer to give him a service to say him if I cancel the order it will be a negative effect with my service…if he feel disagree you told him to wait 2-10 day for cancellation from fiverr support… If he show disagree and told you that he will sent cancel request to fiverr then you can sent him cancel request from resolution center…it will be better for you…I mention here very shortcut… Hopefully you understood it…
  7. if you dont get support within 2/3 days then you message again and again support so that your message will show graphically top priority.
  8. Take screen shoot your task and his threating message and go to fiverr support and tell them details…hopefully team will help you properly. and no one can hack your id you can use big password using @ # $ ! and number …
  9. Congratulations… Wish your best of luck…
  10. Hi Tina…welcome to Fiverr community…
  11. Try to understand the buyers choice and talk with the buyer in point of requirements…hopefully buyer will be convinced
  12. welcome to join fiverr community…Try to saty long time and best of luck
  13. welcome to join fiverr community…Try to saty long time.
  14. Try to share your gig in social media for click and sent buyer request to increase click and impression
  15. Very informative topic…we need to set up very attractive gig image with good color combinations
  16. welcome to to Fiverr community… Try to stay online most of the time
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