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  1. Welcome to fiverr Community. Try to stay long time in fiverr.
  2. Try to solve buyer demand… You will get him/her more times…
  3. Try to send buyer request every day… Research keywords to see top 50-100 gigs and try to change…try to stay online most of the time
  4. I am agree with your opinion… Most of the freelancer is Asia based. so we need a good solution from fiverr.
  5. Oaw…Congratulations…Hopefully we will get many advices from you.
  6. It is not a problem… This late will not be count if you delivery after 1 month too…after Revision Late time show in the time line but it will not be effect in your order or on time dalivery rate…so dont worry about it.
  7. Congratulations… To join fiverr community
  8. Congratulations. To join fiverr community… Best of luck…
  9. Welcome to join fiverr community… All the best…
  10. There is no exact time in buyers knock…You always min it that you are giving a service in international market… So any time can knock you any buyer… If you terget some special country then you try to adjust their local time…if you get knock at 9 am you will try to satay available at 9 am…for USA and UK 3am to 11 am ( Bangladesho time) is very good time to get knock…Wish your best of luck…
  11. welcome to fiverr community.Best of luck
  12. Welcome to the fiverr community …Wish your best of luck.
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