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  1. Fiverr, please add new feature with which we can see if the buyer has seen/read our message or not, like in other social platforms Thanks
  2. But freelancers come to earn not to loss their income I'm just trying to understand...
  3. Why Fiverr takes 20% from seller's income, why not from buyer's ????
  4. You should make 7 gigs for getting more requests.
  5. I need fast reply buyer is waiting
  6. Pz help me Can I send the delivery files in messages for clearance. After that can a buyer cancel my order
  7. But I haven’t made any offer to him till now!
  8. thank you so much for your such a kind advice
  9. he just want to discuss about the project, after that he will give you the order if he feels like to give it to you
  10. Hello everyone! Don’t know what just happened.!!! Someone contacted me and asked for the service, it was the tips and tricks of PUBG MOBILE. First of all, he doesn’t know English well, he can’t even write it properly. The second is, he BLOCKED ME without any reason. Will it affect my profile? Please help me!!! image802×473 59.1 KB image944×503 87.1 KB
  11. I’m also facing the same problem. This bug is destroying so many opportunities!!
  12. yeh! I also did it just now. Thanks
  13. Please give me some advice to make my gigs attractive.
  14. Honestly, I also don’t know about it. But I’m here to know about it through your post…
  15. Welcome to Fiverr & Fiverr Forum!! Best of luck for your future!!! Have a good day
  16. Welcome to Fiverr and Fiverr Forum!!! Have a very good annual sales!!! Best of luck
  17. Yes! you are right, but many are there who are not given any chance Like me!!!..
  18. Hello, everyone! Greetings of the day, Hope you are doing well and staying safe! I have seen that every buyer needs a highly rated seller with many reviews. But, what about the sellers who are not given any opportunity to do any work, just because the buyer purchases gig of already highly rated sellers. I’m not pointing the sellers with many reviews neither I’m scolding any buyer. But things should be changed, Every seller should be given chance to showcase their skills, and if they will not be given an opportunity to do so then how will they get reviews on their gigs and they will not be promoted to Level 1 sellers. Sorry, if anybody feels that way… Who else agrees? Please share your thoughts also… Thanks and regards Komal
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