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  1. Njan thudangitte olllu 12 days aayi order onnum kittiyila
  2. Can we do free service at fiverr for reputation and reviews. will fiverr ban you when we exchange orders and reviews with another seller?
  3. Sheda Evde Chennalum Malayaliyo Ithentha Keralamo Bydubai Order okke kittundo
  4. Sheda Evde Chennalum Malayaliyo Ithentha Keralamo
  5. i am facing a problem of not getting any order after 12 days of opening account I have created 4 gigs which are getting good impressions . daily sends 4-5 buyers request , but no reply from anybody how to get first order
  6. But I dont think a 5$ offer will be accepted by a 2 level or top level seller . But from my experience there were 30-40 offers are received by a 5$ request which probably consists of 80% new sellers.
  7. I saw an active buyer request in my account , But when i accidentally refreshed the page and within a flash the buyer request disappeared . I want to know how much a request last and how to quick react with a buyer request
  8. There are so many countries in world which values 5 dollar as their daily income and fiverr is an international platform you know , By accepting this fact fiverr priced as low as they wanted to compete everybody from world. If your country is very rich then 5 dollar is not enough for you but you have an option to increase the money to 20-30 dollar in your gig , Although buyers request always comes in a budget range and in that range lots of people are competing each other. The idea is simple " STRIVE FOR EXISTENCE ".
  9. What are revisions and how to do revisions after getting an order. Need mentoring from experienced members
  10. Thank you dear , I am learning about fiverr thanks for helping me
  11. I am a new user to the fiverr any body please tell me what are clicks and impression and how it came ? ways to improve clicks and impressions
  12. As I am a beginner in fiverr, completed english test and just added a new gig about resume and completed adding images to my gig . Your Experienced guys please reply me how my gig is and find out if there any problem with my gig. Your suggestion is my future.
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