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  1. Actually many of similar kind person available, who talk unprofessional and rubbish. Fiverr should delete such fake profiles who doesn’t even know how to give respect to a seller. Try to ignore such people.
  2. Who all are facing difficulty in getting orders? Anything to modify, check my GIG and please suggest https://www.fiverr.com/share/joAB5Z
  3. you are most welcome here… keep updated.
  4. Yes, what is it first time i am hearing this word
  5. you are most welcome here. all the best for your precious journey here.
  6. I think it depends, some of the customers have habit of demanding more revisions unless they get their satisfied work. Some times the designer gets irritated matching customers need and its obvious to cancel the order rather than getting depressed.
  7. You are most welcome here, keep it up please…
  8. Hi, you are most welcome here for creating bright future.
  9. Nothing can be done, be polite and try to finish it by providing 1-2 revisions free of cost. Getting order cancelled not gonna give you anything.
  10. Is it better to play with Keywords rather paying for Gigs??
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