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  1. Actually my gig is now first page but it’s not at the top. That’s why I didn’t get enough order so far. I don’t know what to do now. What’s your status?
  2. Hay welcome to our community. You know what “HARD WORK BEATS TALENT” Just create a unique and wonderful gig, try to stay online as much as u can, send 10 buyer request per day and of course share your gig on social media. Fiverr love it. Wish you all the best. creativevision9
  3. So you suggest me I can change my gig video if it necessary right? Actually I heard some seller say when they change their gig image or edit their gig then fiverr remove their gig from top…
  4. Hay, Recently I notice that my gig on the first page at 5 or 6 rows. But unfortunately, I didn’t get any knock from the buyer and also the order. My guess is my video is kind of backdated and many wonderful gig perform better than me. So now if I change my gig video or edit a little bit then is any problem with it? ** I MEAN, FOR THIS REASON, DOES FIVERR REMOVE MY GIG FROM 1ST PAGE. **PLEASE DROP YOUR EXPERIENCE AND OPINION THANKS
  5. Hello everyone, Recently I get the gig promote option but I’m really confused what is the perfect bid that I set for this. I set a 2 Bucks bid and daily limit of 10 bucks the last few days then it cost 70 bucks and revenue 250 bucks. Now I am really confused what’s the ideal bid. If anyone please clear me the concept of the gig to promote option and what’s the profitable bid what I will use in promote option… Thanks Creativevision9 N.B: Sorry for my bad english
  6. Though It’s a traditional tips for every fiverr seller but it really helps when you follow those steps Thanks for remembering it again…
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience. This is inspirational. Keep going wish you luck
  8. *CHECK THIS OUT. I ASKED CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR THE SAME PROBLEM AND THEY REPLIED TO THIS. I hope it will help Okay so upon review your Gig is live and active in the search (please check the screenshot), you can see it here: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig While I understand your concern, this is simply how it works. One day you might be on top, the next not. The marketplace is dynamic and ever-changing, the algorithm takes a lot into consideration. Just to be clear, while I wish I could give your Gig a “good” ranking, this is not something that can manually be done. All I can suggest you do to help your Gigs placement is: Advertise outside of Fiverr, on places such as Linkedin, Facebook groups for job hunting, Instagram, Twitter, and even Reddit. Putting yourself out there will drive impressions and clicks to your Gig page. Take a Fiverr Learn course, https://learn.fiverr.com/ or Joining Fiverr Pro How to Successfully Apply to Become a Fiverr Pro Additionally, the Fiverr Forum has a lot of great resources: The marketplace is competitive, there are 1000’s of sellers with similar services and therefore the marketplace will always be in shift. You need to stand out, to increase your ranking and position you have to keep your Gig looking fresh. Kind regards
  9. Create a unique gig, Try to use a video on your gig, share your gig on social media and yes as much as you can just stay online and lastly send 10 impressive buyer request everyday… Wish you luck
  10. Hay you can share your gig on social media. I already faced same kind of problem and I am still struggling. Be active and share your gig in social media… Good luck
  11. Share your gig on social media. If possible run a paid promotion on social media. That’s help to get enough impressions and click… Wish u luck
  12. Hay don’t be depressed. Keep traying and just never give up. Wish you luck
  13. That actually depends on your profile and gig. The more you decorated your gig the more you get order. So try to make some unique gig and stay online. Wish you luck and welcome to fiverr forum
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