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  1. So sad,Please u naver give up, You did’nt succes,I think there must be some problem, You have to fix it,You should show Your gigs profile,discription to any succes man on fiverr, Then it will be fine,please, Naver give up, Insha allah,One day succes will come to your life,
  2. You have know all Fiverr’s policy
  3. If you want to be succed on Fiverr,You should know about “how to succeed” in this market place,There many youtube video and blogs,you should follow them.
  4. Welcome to a biggest market place ever,Fiverr is not only market place,You can let the world know who you are and what you can do.
  5. First off all,You have know about Fiverr’s rules and terms,Then you will make a gig on your job,but,you should know how to make a great gig,how to make a searchable title,and you should know how write a great discription,and also you should know how to contact with any buyers,. I think there are many things you should know about them first of all, if you know all about fiverr’s success way,then you will be succed must, fiverr is not a market place, it’s a school also,
  6. You have to veryf your account with your mobile number,Then it might be okey
  7. Only you can send offer,There is no message option
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