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  1. I am still waiting for my gig this service.
  2. Thank you, I think issue is fiverr algorithm hided my whole account from the search. Anyway I will try with some off site SEO strategies.
  3. My gig is shown on the search result in the past 6 months but it hides from the search when I performed very well. Can you give some advice about what to do onsite and offsite.?
  4. Hello everyone, Do you have any experience with hiding all gigs from the search results without any lower performance? I had performed well in the category all time but unfortunately, gigs are lost from the search result 2 months ago. I still don’t know what is the reason and hope there is have seller the same thing happening. Only can find the gig when use filter like ( country, level ) otherwise gigs are not showing in any of 21 pages in the keyword search in my keywords. Thank you, Hope you will share your experience with me.
  5. It will depend on your categories demand. Some categories not receive number of buyer requests.
  6. Send all buyer request in everyday Share your gigs is social media Optimize the gigs Learn from fiverr courses Take the skill tests
  7. Is the Fiverr promoted gig facility are still available?
  8. Yes you can. Use mutual cancellation request and ask for the cancel with your reason.
  9. Same problem here. Don’t know what happens. Rating, delivery on time, cancellation are maintained very well but gig rank is down, and it not there on any of the 21 pages in the search.
  10. Hi there, Can I know is the promoted gig facility is still running on the marketplace? If yes how can I participate for it? Thank you in advance.
  11. That is great idea and it will keep all talented sellers active on the fiverr. How can I check I’m available to take this service?
  12. Make gig cover image eye-catching and add brilliant descriptions take attention for your gig visitors.
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