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  1. That wasn’t my experience. Buyer can cancel any order for no reason. CS will always side with them. They are a joke. Thanks. And thanks for the opposing perspective.
  2. Ok, thanks. Thats sounds reasonable. But they ignored at least 70% of the specification list.
  3. Thats what a revisions for…give it a chance, you know that they have worked and everyone deserves second chance…they actually have worked more then your requirements so its obvious that they can achieve one you want. Ok, thanks for your reasonable answers.
  4. Was it on your specification list to change the laws of perspective? Or did you want a render showing a child-size dining table surrounded by giant footstools? What you see as incompetence looks more to me like someone with a lot more design experience using their initiative to provide you with a quality product. LOL Ok Haha, you’re****************And you have appalling taste. !MOD NOTE! Your reply to a users forum post was not appropriate.
  5. I’m not interested in what they consider an improvement. And I’m surprised people imagine its ok to ride roughshod over carefully considered design decisions. The tiles and many other elements are not to my taste, at all. Its gaudy.
  6. Harsh is an understatement. In either case, you accepted Fiverr’s terms of service when you signed up to use the site. This states that orders cannot be canceled based on personal preference. Its not ‘preference’ when they ignored the specification list and my sketch. Its incompetence.
  7. It might not be poor in terms of technical competence, its very much a CAD render on those terms. But do you think it represents my sketch? I did not request their design input - they have chosen (presumed) to impose their design sensibility over my scheme and ignored the sketch.
  8. Here is the sketch i provided along with product CAD models for furniture, lighting, accessories etc Room A (new)3569×1957 2.84 MB
  9. Hi, I’m pretty upset. Mainly because as someone attempting to start an interiors business from scratch, I haven’t the money to pay for work that isn’t what I’m asking for. The problem is the studio I hired presented a pre-revision render catastrophically misrepresentative of my original sketch. Of course they’ve offered revisions, but given how disastrously they’ve misinterpreted my original sketch and instructions, I do not have the confidence they’re capable of rectifying it to my satisfaction. In addition to this, they listed fluent English as one of their attributes. This is clearly a false claim as the communication has been very rudimentary, and so the complexity of language I’d need to employ to hand hold them through the sheer mutiltude of revisions would be lost in translation. Please compare the two images - mine has the pink and black colour scheme. I need some objective feedback on this, am I being too harsh, or do I have a point? Look forward to any input on this. Doug M 1-5-011000×750 171 KB
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