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  1. Omg this is so horrible, people really bothering her while she’s just there working! Is 2021 and i really don’t understand how we’re still dealing with this. I’m glad you guys understood this, gives some hope.
  2. Thanks, he first ordered from my basic package where i am offering to write 1000 words i think, like a short story or poems, then he asked for the audio and i sent him like a extra, where i clearly say that i will record professionally the poem that he already approved. So i can show ToS this. He used more revisions than what he should. I hope they understand me, we know unfortunately the site sometimes don’t listen to sellers and prefer the buyers
  3. Thanks. I can see that at certain point i was really ingenious about this. I saw other people creating this type of gig that writes this romance erotic stuff and i for real though it was ok, no one would disrespect, is something easy to understand but well I’m seeing now that it’s not like that, i will for sure edit this gig as well
  4. This is true, for sure i need to check my description and be more clear about what i sell. Thank you
  5. That is the first thing I thought. He wants to hide his actions and knows how to do it. I would report him too. From TOS Gigs and/or users may be removed by Fiverr from the Site for violations of these Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials: Illegal or Fraudulent servicesCopyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, and violation of a third party’s terms of service reported through our Intellectual Property Claims Policy found hereAdult oriented services, Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene Thank you, i will contact them now
  6. Thank you, this is what i will do. I was thinking if it wasn’t me exaggerating on my head because as a woman we always have to stay in this defense side. Thanks
  7. Hello guys, hope you are good. I need your opinion about a situation with a buyer. So i am a singer, songwriter and writer and i have gigs for all of this. I often write erotic stuff but this is because i don’t like to limit my art inspiration, so if i feel like i want to write something erotic i do, all for art. So this buyer came to my writer gig, and asked for a erotic poem, he wanted this quick, like in 24 hours, ok it’s all good. He told me he want something about female orgasm, so I did one poem that was more ambiguous i can say, he told me he want to change and sent me a pdf(every time he asks for a change he send me a pdf, he just don’t write this stuff on chat), so in this pdf he asked me to use some specific erotic words, and even asked if I don’t want to talk on WhatsApp, which i denied of course!! ok i did other poem that was more erotic, like really erotic, he sent me other change request, I changed, then he told me he wants a audio, i said this is not included he said he will pay extra because he needs this cause he was invited to a reunion with womans that have shops, something like this so i though ok is something professional, so i can record, so i did the record, like with a professional calm voice as he asked, then he asked another revision and said he will send me another pdf with some changes, guys he took like one week(remember he told me he wanted this in 24 hours??), always saying “dear i want to keep working with you” “I will give you 5 stars and a good review”, at this point I don’t care about reviews but i already delivered the poem and the audio so i don’t want to cancel. Today he sent me the pdf and there was some pictures of like some erotic stuff, something about a prostitute and he is asking me to record this with a “orgasm voice” something like I am moaning! I’m perplexed guys because i don’t write those things like i am feeling those things, I am working and I feel so disrespected, like he thinks because he is paying and will “give me 5 stars” i have to send him audio of me moaning! How you would deal with this?! Do you think i am tripping or he is really trying something? Sorry for my bad English, I am nervous.
  8. It was supposed to be 32$ because fiverr took 8$, they always took 20%. Are you sure is 25.60 dollars? Because if is another currency this can be the problem. For example my fiverr is with euro as currency so my if i make 30$, fiverr take 6$ and i stay with 24$ but it will appear as 19.88 euros.
  9. Hello!! 🙂 Stay online as long as you can, respond the offers on buyer requests, like respond a lot of them for real, hope your profile has a good description, try to put tags on your description as well, words that can help people find you when they search. Share your gig with your friends, family. I waited like a week to have my first job, then it was job after job for a good time.
  10. Well for some time i had my impressions really down because my delivery on time was on 0 and my order completion too, what i did was stay always online, send a lot of things on buyer requests, i edited my gig, created other gig. One other thing i did during this time that i don’t know if affected or not, was buy a service from someone on fiverr too, i don’t know because i was buying the service cause i really needed, but well after all this thing my impressions were higher again. So i don’t really know what exactly helped me.
  11. I totally agree with you. I’m really liking to work with fiverr but can’t lie sellers don’t have rights, and this is bad.
  12. Congrats. I completed my first sale too and i am so happy because my fiverr account was created on monday
  13. I created my fiverr on monday 13/07/2020 and get my first order today 17/07/2020 and i think i will have my second order today.
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