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  1. please, drawing attention to Fiverr support team. Suppose, Number-1, I have created fiverr account in 2017 but did not publish any gigs. Number-2, Now i am working as a Digital Marketing specialist and Professional SEO Expert with local and international clients. I have own website. Apart from this, provided service as a Digital marketing Trainer under Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) Number-3, Now i would like to work as a Fiverr-Pro seller. i can meet all the requirements what Fiverr-Pro account needs to open. Now, my question is that can i create a Fiverr-Pro account and provide my best services for Fiverr-Pro buyers without being active fiverr normal account holder? I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!👋 Thanks!🤙😀
  2. @pratyakshsomani, More or less everyone faces this problem. But no need to be worried. Just try to be active as much as possible and send the buyer requests regularly and do some your gigs marketing but not exaggerate. Hope to get good result. 😍
  3. @janjalcore, i agree with you. 👍
  4. Hi @atomic_design, Wow, that is the result of your hard work and dedication. 👍 Love your effort. ❤️ Thanks in advance.
  5. @iftikharali0758 Definitely bro, you will have chances to get more and more orders because you will be certified at that time. and the buyers will trust you more. ❤️ Best of luck. 👍
  6. @ohbeclever Welcome to Fiverr Forum. ❤️
  7. @sobanshah29 No idea but Fiverr Experts can give us real information about gig impressions. 😥
  8. @boreracute, Welcome to the Fiverr forum. Enjoy your time and show your creativity. 😍
  9. @rb_raihan You need to research, understand, and reach out to your target customers. You need to Study , Understand , and Connect . so spend time on the forum and get the idea of how others are getting orders quickly. Compare with others and improve of your lacking. ❤️
  10. @raselsujon The first step to winning a buyer request is to respond with detailed information. • Who are you? • Why do you think you are the best person for the job? • Give insight on how you would go about the job? • How long will it take you to complete the task? • Specify how many revisions you are willing to make? • How much will you charge?
  11. @vibronx, Thank you so much! ❤️ your informative info really will help us to adapt ourselves on Fiverr as beginners.
  12. Wow, 👌 Congrats, keep going…from time to time share your valuable information with us if you have free time, please. As newbie gets inspired to work. 👭
  13. Hi, if your Gigs set up according to Fiverr instructions, definitely it will rank as your exceptions. Just it is a matter of time. For your better understanding you may do this free course on fiverr Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller
  14. Well said. I appreciate your advise. 👍
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