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  1. Wow, such wonderful advice and very deep observation. Honestly, You have a lot of experience in the Fiverr marketplace. ✍️
  2. You don’t have so much time to analyze me. Already you give everyone a lot of advice. So I asked for advice on your work. Thank you so much for looking at my post and suggesting me a lot of things. 🙏
  3. Small correction: NO, you do not have to be “active”, nor “attend”, on Fiverr 24//7. You do, however, need your profile to be available. If I go out of office mode, but if I’m on Fiverr, it shows me I’m online. Or I will not use out of office mode. Which one are you suggesting? Please advise me.
  4. Thank you, Senior 🙏 for your replying. you say a point that I am out of office. That means I have to attend or online 24 hours in Fiverr. Am I right? Point two is being proud of the Fiverr forum member, that can be mature for freelancing. I want to try my best as a learner. The guideline, rules, and many other things are very important for freelancing. But it is true, I have not found a proper way yet, 😥 which will help me to get a job at Fiverr. Can you give me a proper guideline, which is helpful for me? Because I want to read more. Because I need to know why I can’t work in the Fiverr marketplace. I want to be a successful freelancer in the Fiverr marketplace. 🙂
  5. I used to get more buyer requests at first, now why do I get less? What is the reason for this? It’s been more than two months since I opened five Gigs, but no buyer has hired me yet. And I do not understand what to do. There should have been a job so far. Because I give regular time in Fiverr and Fiverr forum. 😥
  6. @uk1000 Thank you 🙏 so much for your valuable feedback. This is the first important feedback on my Gigs. It’s very helpful advice. I will change your points in my Gigs features. your advice helps me with my futures work.
  7. Request for simple work, still can’t find any design work. :thinking: Maybe no expert is needed for that job. I know getting to work first is a little tricky. I submitted many buyer requests for such a simple job, the buyer does not knock me. but why! I’m not frustrated yet but worried and shame. Someone will give me advice 🙏 on this situation. My profile link below: https://www.fiverr.com/samiron_idea
  8. @discobot roll 2d6 @discobot quote @discobot fortune @discobot roll 2d6 @discobot quote @discobot fortune samiron_idea
  9. @discobot roll 2d6 @discobot quote @discobot fortune
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