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  1. A buyer orders, pays, and then you deliver. That is how Fiverr works. This is all explained in great detail in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. If you do work by bypassing this you will have worked for free. Yes, I´m waiting to see will he place an order. Thanks
  2. Primljeno k znanju, hocu. Hvala puno na savetima, znaci mnogo. Thanks for advices!!!
  3. if reward means tips??, then why your buyer give reward without placing order?? if buyer place order, and you complete this then only fiverr give your funds in your account. He didn´t say it´s a tip and he didn´t place the order so I wait to see if he will do it. I´m afraid it´s a scammer.
  4. I just have been told a reward, not a tip. He didn´t place the order.
  5. I need your help. In one of my gigs I have 3 packages, and the buyer is offering me a reward. That means he won’t buy a package. How can I be sure he will transfer the money? Should I accept???
  6. Thanks a lot for your help and advices 🙂
  7. Heey everyone, I know I’m new on Fiverr and that I created my first 3 gigs but no orders. I know I can’t expect it yet because I’m on this platform only 3 days. But I have a question - what if there won’t be any orders at all? Do I really have to promote myself on social medias or elsewhere? I want to hear about your experience and after how long did you get your first order? And what after that? Also I don’t want to be discouraged or anybody else new here. I hope you will answer me and share your experience with me! It will mean a lot for me and for many new on this platform! 😃
  8. Thank you so much! I will listen to your advices! Wish you all the best 🙂
  9. Hello. My name is Petra and I’m from Serbia. So Serbian is my native language. I also speak Spanish, English and a bit of German. I will be translating these languages and writing. I hope everyone new will be successful here. Best wishes from me!! 😊
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