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  1. @adon_design welcome to fiverr…wish you get first order as soon as possible…
  2. Best Of Luck … work Hard for achieve your goal 💓
  3. Welcome to fiverr… As a new seller you need to work hard for getting first order. Fiverr have a policily get one order fiverr provide another order. As a new seller you must need one order as soon as possible. There have 2 way for getting order in your profile: one is send buyer request daily. Please don’t share template for buyer request. First of all read all requirements what buyer need then how you solve this problem. send buyer request that way i hope you get order. Second one is social media marketing: Share your gig link all social media that you are use. Ever day you post your gig share link in social media … I hope you understand. Best of Luck your new journey
  4. Welcome to fiverr also fiverr community … I wish you get get order as soon as possible…best of luck 😊
  5. For getting first order you should make social marketing . Also active as much as possible. The main important part is that you need to send Buyer Request Best of luck
  6. Thanks… Tomorrow i get 3 buyer request at 12 pm in my time zone…
  7. Already complete 7 gig in my profile… thanks for your valuable advise
  8. Hi , I am new in fiverr. Every day wattling for new buyer request but i don’t get buyer request. Can any one suggest me what is the best time for getting buyer request.
  9. @gpsedits check this Post How to write a offer in buyer request
  10. Your gig impression and click is good enough… my suggestion is give buyer request …
  11. @john_mickel Thanks For sharing… I have confusion about buyer request …I am also new n fiverr…Can i offer buyer any video or audio meeting for discuss about project.
  12. Happy Birthday…Wish you a great successful life… 💓
  13. I check your fiverr gig… If Possible add more fiverr gig image.
  14. Congratulation for your new order… 💓
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