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  1. I have an order which is still not completed due to some compulsions of Buyer. But he gave me revision which is containing so many comments and I got notification of that. He sent me the screenshot as well in my inbox but the comments not showing here in my order page. What is the issue? Did anybody else ever face this problem?
  2. For PC version: At exect left side of your profile there is an option “SWITCH TO BUYEING” Click on that if you want go back to selling account same process just click on “SWITCH TO SELLING”
  3. I am a level one seller and The Gig which was ranked to the top three pages and having 45+ reviews and I don’t know why my gig is completely de-ranked and it’s now not showing in the search result. what is the reason behind this?
  4. Being a level One seller I lost all the chances, Gigs deranked, No message, No order from the last 15 to 16 days, but still expected for coming back to normal position. How many of you are in the same situation?
  5. I am a level one seller. My gig impressions are continuously falling down and it’s now about to become at very low level. Why is it so? No orders, No messages from the last week. I am worried about my profile. Any solution or Should I wait for sometime?
  6. It has been at least 15 days gone, I am not receiving any message or order 😔. Gig Impressions are continuously falling down. What may be the reasons, please guide?
  7. I am also a Level one seller , Approximately 15 days gone No order, No message.
  8. Thank you dear brother. And welcome to Fiver forum. Stay connected!
  9. We wish you all the best dear bro, Keep struggling and be confident with your work. You will kiss the sky.
  10. Thank you so much dear Vickie spencer! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  11. Hi, This is Iftikhar Ali. I belong to a middle-class family, and my family income is very low. It was very difficult to afford all household and educational expenses. I have a special interest and doing struggle in my working category(Graphic Designing). I really feel really glad to share this little experience here. I have been working through this platform for the last 4 to 5 months and now this was the semester fee I paid using my own income which I earned through Fiver. Need your best wishes for more success. Once again Thanks to Fiver!
  12. It happens sometimes dear Sir, there is no way except to be patient…Stay online ,keep struggling that,s it.
  13. Same Issue dear, No solution, After i became a Level one seller its stopped all the things…just wait, keep working, I hope Fiver will get us again to the normal… 🙂
  14. Of course there is. I don’t understand how you came to that conclusion. Rotation literally means rotation. Let’s say for example it’s. New sellers on top for 2 days and next 2 days it’s higher rated sellers. :woman_shrugging: Everyone have a chance to earn. It means there may be a chance we come back to normal…right?
  15. What issue and how do you expect them to “fix” it for everyone? Let’s say it’s 500000 sellers on fiverr how do you expect fiverr to put them all even on the first 5 pages? Fiverr is already rotating gigs giving chance to everyone to be on top so I’m not sure how else you want fiverr to “fix” this. If YOU want to be always on top and it to be “fixed” only for you then again that will unfair to other sellers What about the Top rated sellers and Level one and two sellers ? They all have the same issue… According to your openion they are rotating the gigs and giving the chance to the new sellers but there is no chance left for the Sellers who are already working and achieved higher levels… They don’t have any chance to come back to normal position??
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