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  1. Check this out for how it works: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/promoted-gigs Thanks! I have read this, but where can I actually click to promote my gigs? Nothing is appearing on my Dashboard or in Gigs, and impressions on both of my gigs have tanked since 29th July which is when they launched this. Has anyone started promoting their gigs?
  2. Hi there! I’ve read that there is a new feature on Fiverr to bid for clicks - I’ve been trying to find it, but both on mobile and desktop it doesn’t appear anywhere. Is it available in the UK yet? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! That’s what I ended up doing, I waited until 30 mins before the deadline and uploaded the finished PDF I did for her (all it needs is some changes which she still hasn’t sent me), explaining the situation and she accepted my extra offer shortly after.
  4. Hi everyone! I’m quite new to Fiverr, it has been going really well these weeks with lots of clients messaging me and ordering. One long order I have (who the buyer is really happy with, but is still not finished) is due to expire in 8h. It is now beginning of night time in her timezone, so I doubt she will accept my order to add more time before the countdown runs out. We have been speaking about adding an extra service, and she still needs to send me a revised version to add for the main order… 2 days ago I messaged her to ask for a time extension (she is not in a rush so it’s not a problem) but she completely ignored the message and replied to my other message about the order. I re-sent her the order and she hasn’t logged in since. Is there any way I can extend the time through Fiverr customer service instead of her? I don’t think she understands the deadline and she told me her dog got injured so I guess she’s busy in hospital with him and won’t log in for a bit!
  5. Editing your gig will affect your rank negatively? How come?
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