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  1. How can I get a review from a buyer. How can I told him to get it? Please help me. I completed a order few hours ago https://www.fiverr.com/ahmad_ishtiak/do-edit-photo-background-removal-b1bb . Thanks @fiverr
  2. why the impressions are falling down as well as the clicks. help me out
  3. Eid Mubarak to everyone. Have a safe Eid
  4. It’s almost 1 month I’ve open my account but I just got two order. I’m sad about thinking this
  5. I have five gigs but without one gig the others are very poor in impressions as well as clicks. So how can i get more clicks and also more order From my gigs. Thank you for response me
  6. I have a lot of impressions in one of my gig and also got some clicks but didn’t get any order. What can i do now please tell me some suggestion
  7. There is nothing easy man, everything is difficult in this world. So try harder you will be a successful freelancer
  8. Thank you very much sis @shreee21
  9. Which kind of technique can you please tell me?? @shreee21
  10. I already sent 100+ offer but didn’t get any buyer massage. Is there any problem in account. I get enough impression but less click in my gigs :frowning_face: What should i do?? Need your help
  11. be patience. hope you will get your order soon. I also can get any order since last 16 days 🙂
  12. Don’t be upset. Hope you also get your first order soon @nihalcbr
  13. @afiamoumi actually i get this order after 2 days of opening my account. And i get the money after 14 days
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