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  1. I do want to cancel, but the buyer wont accept the cancellation request
  2. A buyer placed an order and I delivered according to their instructions. They now want something entirely different and keep talking out of scope and expect way too much for the price. At this point, their communication also throws me off and I want to cancel the order. Now they say they want to pay me more to make changes since they dont want to find another seller. Even if they’re offering more money, I dont feel like working with them because I feel their expectations keep rising. Dealing with this seller has become a hassle. What should I do since they’re rejecting the cancellation?
  3. Hey everyone! It’s been around 6 days since a buyer paid for his order on my gig page, but hasn’t submitted the requirements yet. I am aware that the clock wont start ticking until the requirements are submitted but I’m worried that the buyer would expect delivery even though they didn’t give me the requirements. Is there a timer after which the order gets cancelled by Fiverr themselves? Thanks in advance!
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