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  1. A buyer posted buyer request and i send him offer and asked him to contact me if interested but he did not contact me and placed an order. And now having an issue with outfit, i asked him to extend the time but he don’t have the time to extend. what to do now!
  2. https://www.fiverr.com/shrutiiiii405/create-video-as-a-female-spokesperson I have started providing spokesperson services. Can you guys please go through my gig and suggest me how can i improve more?
  3. Screenshot_20201116_2235451080×2340 389 KB As you all can see I’ve completed all the requirements still not promoted yet! Can anyone tell me why or when will i get promoted?
  4. I need to know if i cancel a order will i be refunded with the service charge which is $2?
  5. @ridwansugi If she doesn’t approve the cancelation?
  6. She said in her native language some times Will that be a problem?
  7. Hey, Recently i got a buyer who is so impatience i can’t even imagine The moment she messaged I was typing and a message popped up saying " increase your response time" Will i not be given the time to reply? Secondly she wanted a long term project So she threatened me " if you leave in middle i will report you" Thirdly, she started talking to me as if I’m her servant and she have done a Favor to me by ordering me. Fourthly, when i said not to talk to me like that she replied " Leave that bullshit" Are the buyers allowed to use slang to a seller? And when i said " I do can report also" From the very next moment i become " Madam"😂 Still she’s like that thinking am a servant and doing favor on me I asked her not do talk like that She replied " Don’t drag that meaning less topic" I mean really? Fiverr become like this? No respect to the sellers?? I can’t even block her, I have a open order with her! What should i do? Adjust with her behavior and slangs?? Or will fiverr takr any action!!!
  8. That for sure is against the TOS and you can report him to fiverr. I believe outsourcing is against the rules but don’t take my word on that. But you have enough to report him. image1089×418 8.75 KBYes, i have reported
  9. They didn’t even inform me about that And the thing is his gig description is also copied from mine!!
  10. As much as i know We sellers can’t resell anything
  11. He didn’t say anything to me I suddenly hovered his account and found my voice which he bought in his voice over gig
  12. Report for what? Why would fiverr take action? If they paid for your services they are allowed to do whatever they want with your voiceover. Yes, but can they even declare as their voice and sell that?
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