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  1. Experts help, please. If I deliver an order to the buyer but if the buyer do not accept my deliver will the order be counted as cancel? Or what will happen then? Please need some help with this.
  2. Suddenly I am not getting impressions as I used to get earlier. Can anyone tell me why is this happening?
  3. I am new here. I joined Fiverr in June. I got only 4 orders(1 of them was cancelled unluckily). I am not getting any order or even messages from buyers. I send 10 buyer requests everyday. No one is giving a reply! What can I do? Experts’ suggestions needed, please.
  4. Try to stay active a lot. It will help you.
  5. Best of luck bro!! I am also from Bangladesh. It’s good to see you here.
  6. When I created my first gig my gig was denied and I got a mail that I have violated the terms of service of Fiverr(Still now I do not know why it got denied). So, after how many times of violating my account will be suspended or banned??
  7. It took 1.5 months for me to get the first order.
  8. If any buyer cancels his/her order before the time is over for some reason, how will it affect my account?
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