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  1. thankyou fiverr for giving me work continuously … i am getting result for my hard work … i am try to do my work for the customer satisfaction… everyone please follow your passionate work and it can give satisfaction to customer that will help to get work regularly …thank you so much
  2. i am very happy to share my first experience with my first earning from fiverr … after a month i got my earnings for my work … and i am very excitement today …keep patience… every one will get work and earnings …this is my suggestion to every one those who waiting for earnings
  3. i transferred my first payment to paypal but unfortunately the amount didnt reach at my paypal account and also the amount deducted from the fiverr too … i dont know whats wrong with my paypal account …! can i get the refund the amount to my fiverr account …??? please give me a solution friendsss
  4. Sorry i apologize … that was mistaken from my side. …
  5. what does the impressions means …?
  6. yesterday i tried to withdraw payment from fiverr to paypal account , i got email that the attempt was successful then i check my paypal account but it didnt credit that amount yet … so how long will it take commonly to credit amount after withdrawal from fiverr …?
  7. bank transfer is not showing for withdrawing, how to fix this error. I’m already sent report but no response
  8. Oru month aayi nigel ethrayayi thudagitt
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