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  1. If you have already submitted the form accordingly then ignore the message. It will not impact on your account.
  2. Both PAYONEER account owner & BANK account owner should be same. feel free to let us know if still any confusion
  3. Yeas you can use your Mom’s information & payment account if you want. I have also used my parent’s / siblings payments accounts & information’s
  4. if any warning / message appear on your profile just skip/ignore it… it will not affect your profile / gig / orders or anything … but if you are from US , you must fill up and submit the form… else no panic all
  5. It’s a bug that many sellers are experiencing; if enough people report the bug in the same topic, staff might see it and do something about it. Sure ! Thanks for your response !
  6. Hi, Hope you are all having a great week! I have got this message today and still appeared on my Fiverr Profile. I have already response to as NO at W-9 US Verification Requirement page … But why this message appearing on my profile… Also i am not facing any difficulties on my gigs. Looking for experts recommendations. Thanks !
  7. in my gig order this word is appearing —> “This specific work was ordered on Fiverr” …what does its mean?
  8. Dear, would you please tell me , if somehow i can’t manage my passport in time then is that possible to verify my fiverr id using my parents NID info? Thanks.
  9. thanks for your suggestion… but i am worried about that can i have it in time in this pandemic situation… is there any 2nd option?
  10. Dear all, i need your cordial help. i am new seller at fiverr .But i am under 18 years old , i have not yet my National ID card. Now fiverr notify me to verify my id within 14 days to continue my id and selling … i don’t know now what to do … i have some completed and running tasks… please help me and let me know what is the suggestion for me.
  11. How much time it would be take to open and activate account after proper document submission ?
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