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  1. আসসালামু আলাইকুম, আশা করি সবাই ভালো আছেন। আমি একটু বিষয় বুঝতে পারছি না। যদি একটু সঠিক নিদেশনা দিতেন ভালো হতো আমার profile এর success score 6 ছিল। আজ একটা order complete করলাম 5 ‍star review সহ। তার পরে দেখি success score কমে আরো 5 হয়ে গেল। আমার প্রশ্ন হচ্ছে। Success score টা কি ভাবে বাড়ানো যাবে এবং এর উপায় কি। সবাইকে ধন্যবাদ।
  2. Before the gig was advertised, my gig was on the front page. When I started promoting gigs, my gigs went to 18-20 pages. Let me know if you have a better idea.
  3. Hello, my friends, I get a new experience from the Fiverr gig to promote service. Before the promote option in my gig then my gig was the first number of pages. When I was starting the promotion my gig was a number seventy numbers of pages. I got one client from investing 7 dollars my profit was 75 Dollars. But I am very confused about my gig ranking. If you have any tips about it please tips me. Thank you, everyone.
  4. My target audience are photographer, e-commerce CEO.
  5. Hi Fiverr expert, I want to know if Can I use multiple Fiverr seller accounts on one pc and one router? Tell me the correct information and details. As like, I have a graphic design seller account. Now I create a digital marketing account. Best Regards Sakib Ahmed
  6. My seller account positive rating problem.

    Fiverr notice

    We've noticed a drop in your performance.
    Please review your stats below and act accordingly, to avoid a level demotion.
    Your next evaluation: Jul 15, 2022


    Tell me, How to solve this problem


    Screenshot 2022-07-03 081151.jpg

  7. Hi, I am Sakib Ahmed. I work as a graphics designer and photo editor on Fiverr. I provide background removal, product editing, product color change, photo retouching, neck joint/ ghost mannequin service. I always try to online my account, send buyer requests and create SEO-friendly gigs. But I can not get an order on my account. I provide background removal, product editing, product color change, photo retouching, neck joint/ ghost mannequin service Anyone I can help me to find my reason for No Order. Click my account and see
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