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  1. Hello bro can you tell me how to send a buyer request ?
  2. Hello guys, how are you? I want you to give me some advices please , so that I can start getting orders I appreciate any help and thank you in advance 🙂 here is my gig , take a loot on it please 🙂 Fiverr.com Akaissa: I will be your nutritionist and your personal trainer,science based... For only $15, Akaissa will be your nutritionist and your personal trainer,science based. | Hello my friends, I am Doctor Akaissa, a general practitioner since 2017, but my main work for the last ten years has been in the | Fiverr
  3. Thx for your reply bro , but Im sorry I have a question ,What do you mean by (send buyer request everyday) ?
  4. Thank you for these tips, I will do that I wish you good luck bro 🙂
  5. Thank you for reply bro ,actually I did make some advertisements on social media ,But nothing new happened , I hope for the best in the coming days, for me and for all the diligent people here
  6. Hello guys, I am a new seller on Fiverr , I know every start is difficult, and I hope to make my first sale soon. I have a question for you guys, what is the best way to promote your service and get buyers? I dont know what should I do to get buyers for my Gigs :frowning_face: I wish you guys good luck 🙂
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