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  1. Thanks for youre advice, only thing is in my Buyer request it says: “No requests found.” am i looking in the wrong area (profile > more > buyers req)
  2. Hi fellow creatives, Im on fiverr due to loads of creativity i wish to unleash and help engaging brands to their target audience. Im a multipotentialite millennial who believes linear television is dead, esports is bigger than traditional sports and TikTok is here to dominate. What i tell my friends i do: Im a creative athlete with a heart of a Marketer who thinks from the customer’s perspective. With my thorough knowledge in execution and strategy im able to develop and execute a campaign strategy, content creation in both execution and strategy. **What i actually do: ** I take sh*t loads of work out of the customers hands in developing and execute a strategy in content creation and running and managing ads on Social Media, YouTube, (personal) branding strategy, Video editor, all based around the target audience. I have marketing experience in strategy and execution, for the customer im a partner in setting up and reaching goals. What advice would you give to this impatient millennial noob on Fiverr? Thanks!
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