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  1. Hey, I usually upload the samples on Google Drive and send the link in my offer, or if they ask for my portfolio, I just send them the link to my portfolio website. I don’t know how effective this way is, but as far as I’m aware, this is the only way possible. I hope I could answer your question. Thanks, Akhil
  2. Hey there, Now, I have a bit more experience with the Fiverr platform, so I think I can reasonably answer your question. If you are being completely polite while corresponding with the buyer, and you are following all of Fiverr’s ToS, then you should not worry about the buyer reporting you. Most buyers would not report you and even if they do, it would not significantly affect your rankings or sales. But, if you have done something wrong and the buyer reported you before you could correct yourself, then it is best that you send a message to the Fiverr CS explaining them your side of the story. If they find credibility in your story, then you would not face any negative effects. If the buyer is unnecessarily rude and reported you even if you did nothing wrong, then you should immediately report the buyer yourself and also drop a message to the Fiverr CS explaining your actions. In such a case, the buyer would be banned and you would not face any issues. So, in conclusion, the best way is to be polite with all buyers and abide by the rules. I hope I could be of some help. Thanks, Akhil
  3. Hey Mayank, thanks for your advice. I really like the way you frame your message to the buyers. Please don’t mind if I take some inspiration from your message for my own benefit 😅 Thanks a lot for your advice. I’ll keep that in mind. Regards, Akhil
  4. Hey Kyle, thanks for your reply. I completely agree with the point you’re making and I too, would like to keep it that way. I’m going to be very clear from now on as to how and where I communicate with buyers. If someone is adamant I connect with them off Fiverr, I’ll simply refuse to do business with them. Thank you for your advice. Regards, Akhil
  5. Hey, thanks for your advice. I was thinking exactly the same! I like your idea of a case-by-case approach, I think I’ll try following that… Regards, Akhil
  6. Thank you @fibocci and @coerdelion for your replies. It is unlikely that I am being reported by the buyer, because my messages have been flagged for multiple different buyers. Also, they get flagged as soon as I send them, which means the Fiverr “bots” are flagging them for review. Anyway, I read a few other forum posts and it’s most probably because I use the words, “outside of Fiverr” in my messages, which apparently always gets flagged. So, I guess in the future, I’ll have to reword my messages differently. Thanks for your help though. Regards, Akhil
  7. @jigraphicexpert Fiverr does allow you to create multiple gigs in the same category. But one must be careful to offer different services in all of those gigs. If your services or descriptions overlap too much, then you might get a warning from Fiverr. For example, in the Photoshop Editing category, most sellers have multiple gigs, one for photo manipulation and compositing, one for color correction or retouching, one for product photo editing, etc. This is not wrong and is allowed by Fiverr. @sarmadrizvi24 Thanks a lot for your wishes. Thanks, AJ
  8. Hey, thanks a lot for your reply. I say the same but I have never reported or blocked anyone. Is that something I should be doing and why? @coerdelion That’s pretty much how I put it, but that always flags my post for several hours, which is very frustrating because I lose whatever small chance I had of persuading the buyer to continue the correspondence one Fiverr. Thanks and regards, Akhil
  9. Hey, thanks a lot for your reply. That’s what I have been doing mostly. But I just wish the buyer at least mentioned their intentions to work outside as soon as they started the conversation rather than at the end of it, that would save so much time and effort for the both of us. Yes, I do get a warning, but only sometimes. Anyways, irrespective of the warning, I’ve tried to frame the message in different ways but it always gets flagged (perhaps because I always have to mention words like “Fiverr TOS,” “communication outside of Fiverr” and “leading to a ban” or some variation of them). Is there any way to pass along this message without using these words? @fibocci Thanks and regards, Akhil
  10. Hello all, I am a new seller on Fiverr and I would like to share a few of my recent experiences and end my post with a question. So, please bear with me. I am sure this post and the replies I might get from other experienced sellers would be very helpful for a lot of other new sellers on this platform. Here it goes… I started on Fiverr about 6 weeks back. Since then I have had a pretty good experience on this platform, everything considered. I have a lot of messages from buyers, especially for the offers that I send to buyer requests. All the orders I received were really interesting to work on and served as a great learning experience for me. Now, coming to the main point, I have had multiple buyers asking me to connect with me outside of the platform. I’ve had connection requests on WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Email, Facebook, or via call, to name a few. Most of the time, the buyer’s justification is that the project is a really long term one and that Fiverr takes a lot of commission and they would rather deal with me directly to avoid those charges (cannot really blame them there). The first time this happened, the buyer wanted me to join a WhatsApp group where they said more info would be provided. Since the payout was good, I got sold for the money and decided to take the risk and join their group. But, then the buyer started giving me more and more work without any pay. After that, I was quick to realize that something shady might be going on and I promptly blocked them (lesson learnt 😅). Next, a buyer initially placed their order on Fiverr but then wanted me to connect with them on LinkedIn if I wanted a review on Fiverr. Since, getting a review was important for me, I messaged the buyer on LinkedIn. But lucky for me, I explained them that it is against Fiverr TOS to connect outside of the platform and that I only do my business on the platform, and the buyer was kind enough to understand. Now, he is my repeat buyer on Fiverr! Recently, I lost multiple buyers because I refused to connect with them outside of Fiverr. It’s always the same story from their side: longer projects…avoid commission. Even though I explain them in detail that I do not want to violate the Fiver TOS and I only do my business on Fiverr, the buyers are always either adamant of connecting outside of the platform or they just ignore me, thus, losing me a customer. There are 2 frustrating parts about this: The buyers almost always ask me for alternate contact details just before I make my offer, after several minutes of discussion, and when they don’t place an order, it’s such a waste of time for me (and maybe for them too).Whenever I send the buyer a message explaining that I would only do business with them on Fiverr and it is against Fiverr TOS to connect via alternate means, my message is always flagged by the “Fiverr Trust and Safety team” and it takes anywhere from 10 to 12 hours or sometimes even more for them to clear the message, thus, costing me a potential buyer.So, to conclude, I am more than happy to keep my business limited to this platform (even at the cost of losing 20% commission to Fiverr). But is there any way for me to avoid the 2 points I mentioned above? How can I get past being flagged every time I try to explain these details to a buyer and more importantly, how do I convince a buyer to stay on this platform and do business right here? I apologize for such a long post, but I felt the need to clearly state my experiences before I ask my question, just for the sake of transparency. Any suggestions or potential solutions to this problem from you guys as very much welcome. I really appreciate the time and effort you took to read through my post and share your valuable advice with me. Thanks a lot, Akhil
  11. Thanks for the reply. I’ll follow your advice and keep continuing what I’m doing. I guess these things are going to take a lot of time and effort in order to succeed. Let’s just hope for the best… Regards, AJ
  12. Hey, thanks for such a motivating reply. I guess you are right, in the end, the quality of the offer matters. I think I’ll continue to write offers as I already am, and just hope that the buyer recognizes the quality of my offer and choose me. I hope, with time, things would improve for me. Fingers crossed! 😃 Regards, AJ
  13. @john_mickel thank you for your wonderful tips on writing proper buyer requests. I am a new seller on Fiverr, and it’s been only a month since I started here. After reading your tips, I realized that I have already been following most of what you said. I always read the buyer requests properly and only reply to those which I think I can do a great job at. I write custom messages to each buyer request and keep in mind to understand their requirements and conditions and construct my replies accordingly. I believe (and hope) that the buyers would recognize my abilities through my buyer requests and contact me. Since I started, I have replied to about 100 buyer requests, of which 4 buyers contacted me back. Of those 4 buyers, 2 of them placed an order and reviewed me 5 stars! I don’t know if this is a good number or I’m under-performing but I hope things will improve with time. I had one more doubt I wanted to clarify: If I follow these points, by the time I compose and write a custom offer to the buyer, especially for graphic designing gigs, I see that there are already over 200 odd offers before mine. Do you think it is then a good strategy to do this? What are the chances that the buyer would scroll down 200 offers and read an offer from a new seller like me? I am not sure what to do here, @john_mickel, your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Regards, AJ
  14. Haha, that’s interesting. It’s probably because most new sellers on Fiverr are looking for ways to earn money as quickly as possible. They are not serious about what they are offering and are probably trying to scam buyers to some extent for some fast cash. Or maybe they are just desperate to get a gig, any gig… I am a new seller on Fiverr too, but I always read the buyer request and reply to them only if I feel my services are properly suitable for what is being asked. After reading this post by @john_mickel, I realized that I have been following most of the excellent tips provided by him. But I know I have to be patient in order to build a brand and trust among the buyers. Fingers crossed! Regards, AJ
  15. Thanks for sharing this info! I hope I get some offers after I follow these tips… Regards, AJ
  16. Thank you for sharing this. After reading this and other similar posts, I followed everything I could, from these tips, and I recently got 2 orders and 5 star reviews on both! I hope I will keep following these tips and I hope I get more orders. Thank again Regards, AJ
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