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  1. Yes, I'm also facing the same problem.
  2. Try to send maximum buyer request on daily basis.
  3. Hi, I need expert help! My gig ranked on the 4th page, and my gig shows on the first page in the online sellers but didn't get any order. Can I make some changes?
  4. Hello Marketer_Saadi, 1- Be Patient 2- Stay Online as much as you can 3- Send Buyer request daily
  5. I wrote a proposal to the point and discussed buyer problems and more. But no reply yet.
  6. I post my gigs to social media daily basis on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter, etc. But I only got replied by Facebook, and there is much time taking to open everyone’s gig and check them to favorite and send them screenshots. Any better idea? https://www.fiverr.com/muazzamali45?up_rollout=true#!
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