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  1. okay as i am new here i was not known to this but now i am aware.
  2. Okayy ! and can you please tell me what should we write in the description when we are sending the buyer requests i mean everything is mentioned in the gig so what should i write there to describe my offer
  3. As one of my gig is of data entry and copy paste work but i never saw a buyer request for that why is it so?
  4. Did you sent buyer requests? I mean how to started which helped you to get first ordwr please tell me
  5. I just started fiverr 3 days ago and experienced this thing also im sending buyer req but no response
  6. She told me she is from some ngo which is in Vienna
  7. That person may have been banned for sharing contact details on Fiverr. That’s strictly forbidden. It’s also strictly forbidden to message buyers on different sites, so I hope you didn’t chat to this person off of Fiverr. Not chatted with her but someone from Pakistan as I’m new i didn’t knew about all this 😦 also when she gave me the email it was in the form like “gmail dot com”
  8. Yesterday one of buyer contacted me and wanted me to chat with some people about the current affairs and politics she was offering me a job and i never sent any offer. She advised me to take a trail first and then start the actual work and gave me one email address with whom I chatted for an hour and then we talked about pricing she said she will talk to her majors and get back to me. And i was waiting since tomorrow and what i saw now is that I cannot contact to that person anymore. 😦
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