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  1. I use it for four different forums I’m on (not this one, though) and it works like a charm! The only issue is sometimes it refuses to work on 4G, and if you have any sort of parental block, it blocks Discourse completely
  2. You can download the discourse app! 🙂
  3. What is the eligibility, requirements etc for adding your work to logo maker? I’ve scoured Google and Fiverr with nothing coming up - may be useful to see what to work towards! 🙂
  4. Hi! Trying to set up a new Gig to celebrate hitting level 1, and I stated 6 days delivery, but Extra Fast was 2 days. It told me that the Extra Fast was longer than the Gig delivery time, so I turned Extra Fast to 1 day, but the error was still there. I turned off Extra fast completely, but the issue is still popping up and won’t let me publish my Gig. Has this happened to anyone else?
  5. I started about a month and a half ago, 11 orders, hit level 1 so just waiting for the review of it
  6. Oh okay. Plug ins aren’t essential, but they do help massively. I have a lot of plugins from VideoCopilot for AE and they are very useful.
  7. Learn After Effects if you want fancy motion graphics, learn Premiere Pro if you want to do more basic stuff, neither are free. If you can’t justify the expense, I’ve heard of Da Vinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro but not sure how good they are/if they ARE free. Good luck. 🙂
  8. Hi, if I order something, but the final files are literally stolen from the internet with slapped on text (book cover), is this eligible for a refund?
  9. My expected earnings is always some random number - I think sometimes it glitches out but I’m not sure.
  10. Haven’t had an order this week, very sad. Had a good run for a while, I just wish more buyers left reviews!
  11. In your case I would’ve reach out to support team and ask them. They are heavily promoting gaming sector in fiverr and if you need Steam ID to complete the order they might allow you to do so. As said, it’s not to complete any order it’s just to play some games with a potential friend here. It’s no biggie 🙂
  12. Awesome, thanks for the help! 🙂
  13. Hello, seeking some unusual advice. I offer both gaming logos and gaming coaching on Fiverr. Whilst working on a gaming logo, a bit of a discussion was sparked regarding playing a few games of a game I coach (minus the coaching). I know we cannot share contact info - is this still against the rules to share a Blizzard/Steam ID? I figure it would be, but it’s something I’ve not encountered before!! Solved - not sure if a mod wants to come and close for me
  14. Yes, I have noticed that the fees on everything are ridiculous, particularly on larger orders I tend to be receiving far less than 80%. It’s crazy
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