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  1. Since you have already completed 5 orders. I want to say that, please wait some days and share your gig on social media. I hope you will recover from the problem very soon. Best of luck!
  2. Yes, You are right. Now what is your account status? Online or offline?
  3. Yes, I notice that, when I am viewing your profile, then your activity status was offline. Anyway, now you can go to your Fiverr profile setting and follow the attachment. select the “GO ONLINE” option and then save changes u1030×327 28.7 KB
  4. I have already viewed your gig. I notice that your gig images are not attractive. It should be submitted with a good looking mockup. It wasn’t your problem though. It is my own opinion. Anyway, Firstly you should check that Whether your gig is active! If the gig is active. Then you can change your gig thumbnail with gig share on social media. I hope you will be gain in very soon. best of luck!
  5. If you a Fiverr seller then every seller can easily direct message you. But if you a buyer, then nobody can message you first. Because Every buyer can give a massage to any seller. Every buyer’s knocking option is always hidden for the seller. I hope you understand.
  6. Hey, Welcome to the Fiverr Family. I am also Graphic & UI designer. Best wishes for you!
  7. Spend more time in the Fiverr forum. If you see a post about a seller, try reading it. If you have time, you can see the gigs of the topic you are working on. Then you will get an idea about your gig. How it’s good or bad. You can research YouTube and Google about Fiverr.
  8. Some time ago, I noticed a problem with my account. Then I leave a message on the Fiverr Facebook page from my Facebook account. I was really surprised, Fiverr answered me in a very short time. Where it takes a few days to contact the fiber support team. You can’t think of a quick replay there. So if you want to get a quick response, leave a message on the official Facebook page of Fiverr. Will work soon. Best of luck!
  9. Click depends on your thumbnail that how attractive looking your thumbnail. And the budget also. Your budget how much relevant to your gig. When a buyer has seen that everything is ok, then click on your gig. I hope you understand!
  10. Please check your earning page. And carefully check to show the date when your balance will be clear!
  11. Hello Fiverr Forum, If the information in Fiverr and Payoneer is not the same, is it possible to balance withdraw from Fiverr? I said Fiverr in the name of one and Payoneer in the name of another, in this case, Dollar withdrawal can be given from Fiverr? Thanks!
  12. If you get orders regularly, So you can change the budget!
  13. A long time ago, I have verified my phone number. I don’t remember how I did it. Maybe your country code not entered. for that showing the problem. I am not sure but maybe it is right. If you haven’t noticed then you should notice. All the best!
  14. Welcome to our Fiverr Family! I hope, if you give your time here you will know more and more about Fiverr! Best wishes to you!
  15. I agree with you. @pierre_lebargy If you give here screenshots or video, Maybe we can help you with this problem.
  16. You’re right. I will contact customer support very soon! Thanks a lot!
  17. Brother, I have been on Fiverr for a long time. I have never been like that. This is fast time. Now what is the way to overcome this problem? Can you say that?
  18. Yes brother all is well. I have already seen all the messages in my inbox. 7 days 60 days, all. But no problem was found.
  19. Thanks For your reply! Ever since my response time has increased I have searched a lot in the inbox but have not received any new or spamming messages.😢
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