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  1. I wish you good luck and great success 💪
  2. I wish you good luck and great success 🌹
  3. Staying active on Fiverr does not guarantee more sales either. The OP never asked for any advice. He posted a “hi, I’m new on Fiverr” post in the “New User Introductions” category. Why did you feel it necessary to offer him unsolicited advice? I responded fairly, and appropriately to the nature of your post. I think that every one of you seeking to welcome and giving more motivation to any new member 🌹
  4. Research what? To what hard work are you referring? Why? Being active on the Fiverr forums does NOT guarantee more sales. I have no idea what this means. All of what you wrote is not helpful advice. Please don’t just post things for the sake of posting things. If you are going to offer advice, please be specific. Nothing you wrote is going to help another seller become better at what he/she does. Thank you, brother, for this clarification and intended for goodwill 🌹
  5. Welcome to the Fiverr community. 🌹 I wish you good luck and great success. 🙏
  6. Hi, everybody, I am a new seller. And so excited about starting my business in Fiverr. Warmest regards, 👏 Sameer
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