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  1. Should I apply to that buyer request? Because we’ve only 10 offers and I thought this Is like wasting our request? What are your thoughts about this? As a New Seller on Fiverr, I thought instead of wasting that request on new buyers we should only target old buyers with Hire History! screenshot-www.fiverr.com-2020.07.09-12_09_381273×1027 382 KBYou can have a look at this buyer. No Hire History! screenshot-www.fiverr.com-2020.07.09-12_25_511243×676 24.1 KB well 10 requests per day is way more than enough. So far I sent 40 requests and 5 buyers contacted me. So sending offers to buyers’ requests might be a good choice for freshers.
  2. @sagar_jha zooming out should work. if you are still having this problem then follow https://www.fiverr.com/users/sagar_jha/requests/
  3. welcome to fiverr @abubakar_ak and congratulation you both on your gigs @seicaryana and @abubakar_ak keep trying you will do great
  4. I think you can edit then publish your gig from the draft tab.
  5. Welcome to fiverr. As a seller you create gigs and bid on ‘buyer’s requests’ to sell your work. As a buyer you look for suitable gig and buy services from seller. after completion you get paid, or pay.
  6. You have 9 good reviews, you must’ve worked hard for them. Deletion of your current account will cause you lose all these hard earned reviews and relationship with your clients. Just try not to get warning again, I don’t think getting warned doesn’t has much to do with your order flow. My friend got warning a couple of months ago but his selling is alright.
  7. But we are happy for you, you already completed 9 orders. Hope you progress more
  8. thank you for that. Hope those reads will be helpful.
  9. go to https://forum.fiverr.com/u/eluminea/preferences/account and add your fiverrr seller profile under ‘website’
  10. congratulation on your 100 orders 🎉
  11. I was sending a lot of offers and got frustrated because of no order. At last a week ago, I got my first order. A good one. Then i am waiting for another order again.
  12. Same here, Joined Fiverr couple of months ago, but join this forum just now. And I think a lot is happening here.
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