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  1. It means it ia safe to share my public IP address? Infact there os a tag of Top Buyer under his name.
  2. Hello everyone! There is a client who shared a website link. When I opened that website there was a 403 Forbidden error that was preventing me from approaching that site. Even after clearing the cache, it didn’t open. I even tried to open that on another device, another browser with another login info but the same error is shown. Then he asked me to share my pubic IP address with him. I want to ask is this safe to share my public IP address with someone or not? Have a good day:)
  3. Hello good people! This is my 3rd day of GIG creation and I am still unable to see my GIG in search result. When I go to CS and selected my GIG name they said that they are looking at the GIG and after investigation that will appear in search results. I want to ask is this normal for every new comer or there is something unusual that for three days GIG is not showing in search result? My gig catagory is “online lessons” on biology
  4. Hello everyone! I created a gig yesterday and started its promotion on my social media platforms. But there is an issue that it is not showing on search result on any page and 0 impression 0 social click everything 0. What should I do now? Kindly give me your worthy suggestion to promote my gig effectively so that I get order soon.Thanks❤
  5. Hello everyone. Can we deliver recorded video lesson through fiverr?
  6. Hello everyone. Anyone please guide me that can I deliver order through video lesson through zoom or ■■■■■ etc when order is placed on fiverr or fiverr has some mechanism to link through video to our student( customer)?
  7. Okayyy… That was the confusion infact thanks for clerification.
  8. Yes thats also my point. There is an entire sub-catagory “online lessons”. I have searched for this gig on fiverr and there are active gigs working same like i am going to make and the question is if this is against the ToS then how that gigs are active?‍♂
  9. Hello fiverr community ?‍♂. Em new here and i was going to develop a gig about giving online lessons on my subject biology. Meanwhile through this forum I come to know that a user posted that her gig that was same to that kind of gig i was going to make was disabled by the fiverr on the base that academic stuff is not supported on the site it is against the terms and services. Kindly somebody help me to get things clear. Have a good day?
  10. My reply was based on the above. Maybe the OP will clarify. Either way it makes no difference. Fiverr does not want such gigs. I am also going to make a gig for biology beacause i had searched tutor gigs on fiverr and i found active ones. Now from this post of yours I am a little bit confused that they removed your gig?
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