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  1. Your gigs presentation is so impressive. Try most of the time invest online in :hugs: Fiverr.
  2. Last 6 Months I don’t have any order and my gigs impression & click so so lower. At this moment I am very demotivated 😟 for those things. What can I do for my gigs impression? Please help and suggest me. :roll_eyes:
  3. @amelia_mitsui welcome to fiverr community and wish you best of luck. Try most of the time stay online.
  4. @barmansusant welcome to fiverr and wish you best of luck. 👍
  5. @aqibrazaaa Welcome to fiverr and best of luck. 💓
  6. My gigs are active but I can’t see my gig in serial. What is the problem and what can I do? Please help…
  7. @john_dicker Welcome to fiverr forum.
  8. My gigs are not ranking what can I do now. please share your experience.
  9. I have promoted my gigs in various social media marketplaces so will there be any problem with my gig. Experienced please answer.
  10. Do you know why every water bottle is blue? Why every traffic “Stop” sign is red? It’s because different colors make people feel different emotions. Water bottle is blue, because it looks more trustworthy. Would you drink from a water bottle that it’s color is black? I would not even think about buying one. Every traffic “STOP” sign is red, so it will focus driver attention and make him more alert. I learned that when I was studying web design and Im still using it today on my websites. If i would be making layout for doctor’s website or payment service company I would totally go on blue with white. Ecology Party Website? There you go green, your turn… You can see color psychology used everywhere, because it’s so effective. There are artist, companies, politics that are using it. You can use it on your main gig image, so you can affect potential buyers emotions! You could just change colors on it and make your gig more effective. Okay Michał, but I have 5 orders and no time to read so much. I get it and I value your time. Below I will list most important colors and when to use them. You can read more about color psychology online, as im not psychologist 😁 Red: Increases attention, passion and energy. You can use it for: Making your gig more noticeableBring more attention to important informationsWarningsBlue: Increases calmness, trust and safety. You can use it for: Making your gig more trustworthyMake your products look saferHelp your clients feel more secureOrange: Increases friendliness and energy. You can use it for: Making your gig look more friendlyMake your product look more uniqueFind younger target audienceWhite: Increases easiness and simplicity. You can use it for: Make your gig look simpler to understandMake your products look more clean (perfect choice for toothpaste, soap)Make your clients feel calmerYellow: Increases mood and passion. You can use it for: Make your gig feel more passionateMake your clients feel more comfortableGreen: Increases naturalness and healthness. You can use it for: Environmentalist themeMake your product feel more naturalPart 2: How to choose colors for your gig image? Too much helpful thank you so much.
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