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  1. Today is my 18th day on Fiverr. I have sent 60 buyer requests on Fiverr in these 18 days & received a response from only two of them. One of them was a spamming message, and the other one was denied due to a budget problem. I have created a total of four Gigs & not received any buyer’s message for the last seven days, don’t understand what is the problem on my profile & gigs. I have shared my profile link. Experienced people, Please share Your Valuable comments, How to improve my profile & Gigs. Here Is my Profile link Profile link Thanks In Advance
  2. Welcome back to fiverr . Hopefully your journey will be much better
  3. Hlw ratanovi The promoted Gigs Feature is Currently In Beta and available to a limited number of sellers.
  4. There are currently fewer clients for the corona-virus, but sell , slowly increasing in some categories. Hopefully, the situation will improve soon.
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