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  1. Hi… I wonder why my response rate keeps drooping when I always answer very quickly to my messages. I saw that when I go to the button “Clear filter” then I have some s p a m messages and after a few hours this user is banned my my response rate is the same. How do I prevent that from happening? Any Tipps? Or should I contact the Support? Tia
  2. Hi… i just received an order without order requirements and the buyer is not responding on the chat. What should i do?
  3. Very nice tips. Thanks for sharing them. I’ll try to use them…
  4. Hi, I got a message and it went to the spam folder. I didn’t see it ilediately. I saw that my status for responding has changed to redponding very slowely so i found the msg in the spam folder, it was flaged automatically. And now my response time is very slow it shows 253 hours … How should I fix that? TIA
  5. Just as i thought. Thanks for the explanation
  6. Hi… i see people (sellers) are promoting/looking for a job on the buyer’s requests field. Is that allowed on Fiverr?
  7. Hi guys, i was wondering how much money should we offer in the buyers requests. The exact amounts that they have offered or more/less? And are those offered amounds the money that we actually get (are the fiverr fees included)? My account is in € but i need to offer the requests in $ and sometimes idk if am asking too much. For example if the user is expecting 10 and i ask for €10 thats more from his offered budget because the <€. Should i offer lower amounts? I dont want to work for nothing and my offer to look cheap and without quality…
  8. Ok guys thank you so much, now I understand what you are saying. I will try to change those things now.
  9. I am not offering a review gig. I never have and I never will. Who said I am offering that kind of gig? I have never received any warnings about my gigs. I am doing everything by the rules.
  10. Yes, i was thinking it may be that. After 3 day when I created my profile I got my first sale, than after a week, and after another week. No more since than…
  11. Unfortunately it’s not archived there… but thanks for the tip…
  12. Here are my stats 😦 Untitled1205×394 28.4 KB
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