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  1. I tried to contact the buyer, but he is not responding at the moment.. I am giving him some time get reasons from his side.. Since he have already checked my delivery and left a "Excellent work" review, I hope he is trying to scam me or something.. I just did some research on the buyer name and It seems he is from Nigeria and have been using VPN or something to show as a client from United Kingdom.
  2. One of my buyer requested some work to be done, I then created the order and delivered them as soon as i can, He marked the order complete and even left a great review! Then suddenly after three days time, I got a notification saying the buyer cancelled the order and funds were refunded. And i don't even have the option to contact resolution center. I am really upset of this as fiverr did not consider sellers point of view, If there were any issues regarding my delivery, The buyer would not have left a great review, Please help me, how should i deal with this?
  3. Thank you so much for your quick reply!! I was confused and terrified. because Once i got banned from the site when i was new on fiverr…
  4. Thanks for your Quick response!! So, You say its Nothing to worry… right?
  5. Hello! I am a Seller in this platform, Suddenly This message “User account you are Looking for is No Longer Available” Appeared on my dashboard page and Earnings page. I tried refreshing also. It was there for like 5 minutes, And later disappeared. I am Pretty terrified and Confused.! Please help! 47d4b9d2-c287-43d9-b345-2b8c1f331aa21280×727 79.2 KB
  6. Actually I found the reason behind this mysterious deduction! Booth Clients were New to FIverr, SO they might have used the Promotion codes./ Offers
  7. Why is 2 USD Automatically deducted from custom offers? I did send two Custom offers for clients, One 20USD and the Other 50USD. When I click send, Automatically the Offers have changed to 18USD and 48USD !! I have no idea why this is happening? and from when this started happening?
  8. He sent spam to other sellers and his account got restricted because of that. No, most new sellers don’t make that mistake. If you depend solely on Fiverr, how could you not familiarize yourself with the site rules? Why would you jeopardize your only source of income like that? Yeah, i agree. Especially on a Site like Fiverr, You have to familiarize / at least read once, The Fiverr TOS.
  9. He must first wait for the Trust and Safety to review his account. But he did already earned his 2 warnings. I don’t think he would admit at all. Oh i see. I have been through this. because of a Scam buyer, He has Reported me on Spam messaging and Cancelled the Order too ( 5$ gig for Architectural Rendering), Fiverr REstricted my account for like 1 month. I opened several CS treads but there was no help, Then I sent them some Screenshots of my chats, After analyzing they Lifted the WArnings and I got my refund too. Sometimes The Buyers can be scammers too. ( this buyer took 4 Variations of Architectural Sketch Drawings for 5$ and Yet tried to cancel the order after completion)
  10. Hello! It’s really sad to see that you had your account restricted. I hope you already know why you got your account restricted. Most New Sellers do this mistake. The best thing to do at this point is… Contact the Fiverr Support team and Admit your mistake and tell them this will not happen again. If this did not help there is nothing you can do other than waiting for like- months. All the best
  11. I recovered my account after someone reported my account. I could recover after Contacting the Fiverr support team. After that, I do not receive new orders anymore. I was able to complete 6 orders before the restriction within a short period of time. Now I do not get orders. Please help me rank up
  12. I am sorry my friend! you don’t have any other option. Even if someone knew his contact details, according to fiverr terms they are forbidden to share them within the platform. So you are unknowingly putting them at risk.
  13. I am a Newbie here and just completed 6 orders. I got first warning when I recently went through a successful seller on my category and asked him to advise to improve my gigs in chat. I assume this is the reason i got the warning for. and yesterday I got a second warning too. but this time i have made sure not to do the previous mistake after i got the first warning. I chat with buyers who places orders only and i am being very careful to not hurt the buyers. But Anyway i got another warning yesterday and my account got temporarily restricted! I reported this to fiverr support as well. but as of my experience last time they took around 15 days to resolve a dispute. so i am very upset that i have to wait around two weeks to clear this. Please hel me
  14. @dovidstroh maybe he got restricted temporarily or in worse case banned?
  15. Yeah, I will write a Respond to the review. that is a good idea. And I want to know *Can buyer edit or remove the negative feedback he left? because i saw some articles on google saying this is possible.
  16. Is there any other option other than accepting buyer’s review?
  17. Is there anu other option than accepting buyers review?
  18. My rating have dropped to 4.4 not 4.7 as i have mentioned earlier. now I cant bid for a buyer requests, i dont know what to do
  19. Thanks, Everyone for Your valuable opinions, They meant a lot to me. I Reported this to Fiverr. and I modified my gig using resolution center and demanded a higher price, Then the buyer asked me to withdraw that in exchange he will accept my work. I Agreed, Then he accepted my work and left a 3.3-star review. ( I gave him a 2-star review too), As a new seller recieving a lower rating after getting scammed, hurts. (My 5-star rating dropped to 4.7) But, anyway… at least I Learned something… 🙂 Thank you everyone for your kind helps!
  20. I am new to fiverr and recently got 2 orders and for both i got 5 star ratings. And then came this 3rd Buyer, The buyer takes unfair unethical advantage of demanding new Architectural sketches through request revision Option. I provided revisions option to Satisfy buyers by editing, adding or modifying my sketch to meet their requirements, But this buyer Demand New architectural Sketches every time and so far he have recieved 3 Drawings from me ( All for 5$) I am exhausted, as i have worked so hard for 2 days to provide him these, Now he demands another drawing. Please help
  21. I have 5 gigs and 3 of them are 6 months old. During the first week they got impressions and now for like last 5 months There are no impressions on my gigs, Not atleast one. ( But got 2 orders recentlly) Still 0 impressions
  22. Please review my profile and Gigs. Here is the link to my profile: My Profile Open to Criticize, Appreciate, Pros and Cons. Thank you in Advance.!
  23. But there are no buyer requests. i tried changing all the sub categories. 😦
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