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  1. Today I can complete the English and Adobe Photoshop nicely by taking the skill test in Fiverr. But when I went to give Adobe Illustrator, I was shown to fail the test due to suddenly power outage. My question is will this have any effect on my Fiverr profile?
  2. Most welcome on fiverr. Try to active online much more.
  3. i am already published my five gigs. But still not come any order.
  4. My account have 4 gigs 3 show 1 not show.
  5. You answered your own question. thanks for your valuable opinion.
  6. You answered your own question. how i contact for fix my problem?
  7. I am publish my gig it show active but search results it not showing. when i check my gig status its showing below message strong textLooks like your Gig is active but needs further review from our side to appear in search results. Please contact us so we can check your Gig and help you out.
  8. before 3 months ago i am publish my gig…but still not come any order…please anyone help/suggest me . whats problem? ’ thank you…
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