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  1. My more gigs was on 1/2 pages but now my everygig in final page( same page) new gig( created day before yesterday) even in the final page. One my gig doesnt have any order.and another gig have 80+ reviews but both of these are in final page.what should i do?

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  2. 4.7 isnt bad, and wont affect your profile anyway.!

    We all have that review once or more in career…dont create new accourn and keep carrying with this.

    Many new sellers are struggling with even 1 review on their profile an yours already have 3…just try improving where you missed that 0.3 and all good.

    PS : Dont make any mistake by asking buyer to leave review ! Try avoiding talking about review and feedback will keep you safe !

    Thank you very much all of you

  3. Reviews drastically affects your Gig sales. I remember one time when I got 4.7 rating as a new seller. I didn’t get any orders for about 2 weeks. After a few weeks, my Gig exploded with orders.

    You should be very careful, especially being a new seller. One bad review could ruin the career. I almost experienced it myself but I got out of the hole I was in pretty fast and fixed most of the issues I was having.

    Oh, and also, being late on delivering the order could hurt the gig as well.

    Hello.thank you.this is my gig https://www.fiverr.com/emma2d/create-perfect-custom-logo-animation-and-intro?context_referrer=search_gigs&source=top-bar&ref_ctx_id=56386c31-976c-470c-af99-9dd2ef7ec212&pckg_id=1&pos=12&seller_online=true

    Is this review too bad for me? Should i create new account?

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