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  1. thank you very much for all the support and tips
  2. thank you very much for the comment
  3. hai, dears … how can i improve my response rate?
  4. July onwards I am here, I completed 89 orders only …how can we improve?
  5. welcome to the community …work hard …be online…sent 10 request per day
  6. friends…beware of buyers…one buyer is not aware of copyright.so she making so many problems…last we will force to cancel …so very careful …one lady is there for colouring book …she is a little bit problem. keep this in mind
  7. i cant link my bank account to fiver …when I click to the button a message appears your application is beaning processed …but i can add bank account why?
  8. hi, friends, today I deliver work, work deliver completely and the customer gives some tips too. but i cant see the review why?
  9. i am a new person in fiverr , when i finished my second order i given the work to buyer .buyer said a change in the picture, i did …around more than 5 time he did the same .every time he will change the entire concept of the work .all the time i did …because i think fiverr is like this .finally he got around more than five concept image .all the time i gave the image threw message …last he vanished …now he is not responding …after that i did 5 work every work i got 5 star rating …so please careful about this type of buyers
  10. he is not responding…but he is online …then what will do?can i deliver the order with out his permission?
  11. gig time is only for one day … but he told me to extend …we did …when i finished the work he will ask for another modification …
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