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  1. I wanted to give an update on this situation to the community. After (exactly) 30 days the problem first appeared the situation finally gets better. Two days ago I received a notification that my gigs are promotable (once again). Today, one of my main gig’s visibility on the site improved a lot, like magic. I didn’t do anything with my gigs, so I have no clue what have been changed. I contacted the support at the beginning of the month, but they couldn’t help. I hope my story will help you! gig performance2219×526 58 KB
  2. Hello, I would be also happy to this feature (as far as I know there is no option for this). Kind Regards, Joel
  3. I have similar experience. I promoted two of my new gigs with Ads. Several days ago I noticed, that my promoted gigs are down: “Your Gigs cannot be promoted right now, we’ll notify you as soon as this changes.” Now let’s see one of my most popular gig’s performance in the last 3 days (the one I did’t promoted at all). However the situation is the same in case of all my gigs. gig performance2286×577 65.9 KBFiverr support didn’t reply any useful feedback on this. But this strange effect is clearly a big hit for loyal Fiverr workers.
  4. The issue is here the same: no chatcouldn’t send the delivery
  5. Well, the program could work, but extremely hard to get out value for gig owners. You need to have an authority website with 10,000+ visitors per day. I suspect if anybody has a site like this he/she knows how to monetize it, and yes from comission side, there are better alternatives than Fiverr affiliate. Anyway, I like the idea! Looking for figures in this topic. (141 clicks - $0 on my side)
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